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GetBlock Records: April 2021

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

April 30, 2021

5 min read

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We’ve been also working on new products and features, website optimization and documentation. Keep reading to see the results we’ve achieved so far.

Dedicated nodes

We officially launched a new product – Dedicated Nodes – which means that now you can use a private GetBlock server for the required blockchain and take advantage of high speed, full archive data, preferred API method, custom features and absence of rate limits.

We guarantee that your app will be connected to a non-publicly used node that is not exposed to anyone except you. Contact us to learn more and get a personalized payment plan.

Documentation Changes

Information on methods for available nodes is regularly updated and now you can use our Developer Docs to find the data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Bitcoin Cash. The provided information includes methods for available API interfaces, parameters and examples of requests and responses.

Since our two main products are shared and dedicated nodes, we had to make some changes to our Service Level Agreement (SLA). This document identifies both the services required and the expected level of service.

Also, if your application requires a certain level of performance, we can negotiate and conclude an individual SLA according to your needs.


We are nothing but proud to expand the base of our partners that fast. The list has been enriched with super renowned chains and our dear customers who chose GetBlock as their node service provider. First things first.

Binance Smart Chain

At the beginning of April, we were celebrating our official partnership with Binance Smart Chain. From now on, GetBlock gives their clients the ability to build projects on BSC via JSON-RPC and WebSockets APIs. Read the details of this partnership in Binance Chain Blog.

We also became a part of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and joined the projects that are actively changing the leaderboard in the world of decentralization.

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Binance Smart Chain nodes provided by GetBlock were also updated to the latest version – BSC v1.0.7.


xDai (STAKE) has joined the premier league of blockchains whose nodes are available for GetBlock clients. With this new partnership, we will provide our customers with an opportunity to move their projects to xDai and harness its impressive scalability, high performance and cheap transactions.

Head to our press release to learn more about this integration.

Verge Currency

We’ve provided access to the XVG node for a while and we are glad to become a partner of Verge Currency, a secure and community-driven digital currency designed for everyday use. Read more about our collaboration on the Verge blog.

By the way, if you want to earn some XVG, don’t miss your chance to take part in our joint giveaway on Twitter.


We have also entered a long-term partnership with BSC-based decentralized crypto exchange Zeedex (ZDEX). According to a joint official announcement by two teams, GetBlock has been chosen by Zeedex (ZDEX) as a provider of connection to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) nodes.

Kyunghun Cheong, the Zeedex founder, stressed the unmatched level of technical performance and customer support demonstrated by GetBlock:

GetBlock has helped us in providing a secure and speedy infrastructure for Zeedex BSC-based exchange. We appreciate the BSC nodes service by Getblock as it is cost-efficient, fast and reliable.

Continue with the press release covering the essentials.


Flux (FLUX), a cryptocurrency ecosystem for retail and corporate solutions, chose GetBlock as their backup node provider and shared the feedback on this collaboration:

We are using GetBlock as a backup solution for some coins where it is possible for us (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Classic, NEO, and Cardano). Particularly, we are very happy about the Cardano (ADA) services as that is where we are sometimes having downtime so it's a nice fallback.

Read the details of this long-term cooperation in our blog post.


And the last but not least, a partnership with one of our customers – SuperLauncher – a cross-chain launchpad that empowers projects to raise capital with best-in-class features.

This partnership will enable SuperLauncher to introduce cost-effective and reliable multi-chain node infrastructure to its IDO partners.

Read the article, to learn more about this integration.

Unlimited requests

The GetBlock team is trying to implement new options that will allow you to increase the performance of your application without making an extra effort. This resulted in a new package that has been added to our pricing list – Unlimited.

It allows you to connect to all available shared nodes and spend as many requests per day as your dApp needs with a rate limit of 60 requests/sec. No limits are applied to the number of requests per day.

Last call for doubled requests

We would like to let you know about our plans to switch off our special x2 offer in the middle of next month.

Don’t miss the last chance to get your requests doubled; for example, if you buy the $200 package with 50M requests now, you will actually get 100M for the same price. Requests can't expire – you can use them any time you need.

To get started and use the offer, register your account on GetBlock and jump to the dashboard.

Check out our Blog or join us on Twitter to stay informed about our announcements, as there are many to see ahead. We are looking forward to implementing new features and building new partnerships!

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

April 30, 2021

5 min read