🎉 One Month Free – use a dedicated node for 3 months, but pay only for 2!

Dedicated Nodes:
Your Exclusive Access
to Decentralization

We provide a dedicated server to the desired network for those who need a maximum speed without any rate limits.


Full Data

You’re getting all historical data of the required blockchain since the start, internal transactions, address balance at a given block number, or a state of a smart contract.


Required API

You can choose any API method (JSON-RPC, REST or WebSockets) you prefer according to your project needs, and we will turn it on by request.


No Rate Limits

If you send requests too fast, most often you will get a rate limit response. With our non-shared nodes you will stop worrying about the number of req/sec your app makes – there are no limits neither for the number of requests nor for RPS.


Custom features

We can open the “Wallet” section by request, so you check the balance of a wallet. The ETH full dedicated node with tracing can be deployed on-demand as well.


Want to learn more about conditions and pricing? Reach out to us!

We’re eager to provide you with the most optimized options when working with the service, and the pricing is not an exclusion! The more dedicated servers you need, the better pricing we can guarantee 😉


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Do you want to test the GetBlock service before we go any further? No problem, you can get access to all available shared nodes and spend 40K requests/day for free.