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Free crypto faucet list
for Web3 development

Getting testnet crypto tokens has never been easier. No need for account setup or personal data entry. Inspired by Web3, powered by GetBlock


Ethereum Sepolia Faucet

Get free Sepolia test ETH faucet tokens to experiment with the Ethereum Sepolia network


Arbitrum Sepolia Faucet

Enjoy free Arbitrum Sepolia faucet for testing your Arbitrum ETH via GetBlock's RPC endpoints


Optimism Sepolia Faucet

Get free Sepolia Optimism ETH from faucet and stress-test your Optimism dApp with GetBlock


Base Sepolia Faucet

Claim Base ETH testnet tokens for free using Ethereum Base faucet by GetBlock


Blast Sepolia Faucet

Get your free Blast ETH coins from faucet to stress-test apps on Blast L2


Scroll Sepolia Faucet

Claim Scroll ETH test tokens from faucet using testnet instruments with GetBlock Scroll faucet


Linea Sepolia Faucet

Grab your free Linea ETH coins from faucet to stress-test apps on Consensys Linea Testnet


zkSync Sepolia Faucet

Claim your free zkSync ETH tokens from testnet faucet to experiment with crypto apps on zkSync


Polygon Amoy Faucet

Claim free test MATIC from Polygon Amoy for free with GetBlock developer faucet

What is faucet?

In order to understand what is a crypto faucet, let’s imagine a sandbox environment when real money is replaced by Monopoly dollars. You still can experiment using them, build financial designs, emulate economic operations but without risks of losses.

That’s all you need to know what are crypto faucets: they are software instruments required to get crypto tokens with no real utility but with designs similar to real blockchain assets.

How to get test tokens from our Faucet


Sign up to GetBlock

Set up an account on GetBlock using crypto wallet, e-mail address or Google Account;


Deposit crypto tokens to your wallet

Be sure to top up your crypto wallet with at least 0.005 ETH mainnet as this measure is required to protect our crypto faucets
from being spammed or abused;


Get testnet tokens

You’re good to go: your blockchain wallet will receive a corresponding amount of blockchain assets ETH or MATIC once
you claim it.

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