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Join GetBlock Ambassador Program

We’re among those who build the foundation of Web3 with our RPC nodes, and if you’re really interested in expanding and promoting the blockchain infrastructure, we have an offer that is simply irresistible!

Benefits of being a GetBlock ambassador

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    Represent a Web3 brand

    Be the face of our brand, promoting our products and services to expand the Web3 infrastructure and empower blockchain developers

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    Get cool rewards

    Get a money reward for each RPC plan bought by people you refer to GetBlock and get our swag to represent us at hackathons, meetups, conferences and calls

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    Educate yourself

    Expand your blockchain knowledge and improve your networking skills to evolve as a developer or social media influencer

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    Empower your network

    Participate in events, meet new people, enrich your subscriber and contact base, and have your skills and competencies recognized

Your future responsibilities

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    Promote GetBlock

    Make us known and show our benefits to potential users with your content or direct outreach to your contacts

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    Refer to leads

    Use a personal promo code or an affiliate link or contact our team to refer potential leads directly

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    Participate in events

    Join Web3 online and offline events with our help, promoting yourself and GetBlock services altogether

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    Be rewarded!

    Obtain a part of our earnings for each new user, event participation, and other activities we’ll negotiate about.

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