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About getblock

Innovative Service with
Supercharged Reliability.

GetBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides
instant API access to full nodes from multiple blockchains.



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Mission progress


Our Mission

Making it easy for
the Dev Community.

GetBlock is a multinational team operating from
Europe, united by the idea of delivering cost-effective
tools and scalable infrastructure that help developers
to build high-quality decentralized applications faster.


Everything Your Business
Needs Is Under One API Hood.

Benefit 0

Saving Resources

According to our customers, we help them save months on development and thousands of dollars on engineering costs by offering unmatched pricing plans and features.

Benefit 1

Managing Nodes

We maintain blockchain nodes across major and up-and-coming networks with guaranteed high availability and full-time coverage for the most challenging use cases.

Benefit 2

Staying Flexible

We work with both enterprises and individual developers of any background, and we can provide custom infrastructure solutions or a backup system based on your project needs.

How it works?

Unique Gateway Between
Web3 ‘Frontend‘ and ‘Backend‘.

Nodes infrastructure works like the DNA of a blockchain. That’s why
a fast and reliable node connection is essential for modern dApps.



Year-on-Year Progress Through
Constantly Improving Service.

Introduction of the GetBlock Infrastructure Service Level Agreement (SLA);

New supported blockchains: BNB Smart Chain, XRP, NEO, Polkadot, NEM;

Launch of the GetBlock Dashboard (API key settings, requests balance, improved statistics and analytics)

Tech sponsorship of the Start HACK hackathon;

Partnerships: NEM, Horizen.


Introduction of the affiliate program (beta);

Launch of a new product – Blockchain Development (clusters, monitoring, load balancing or alert manager);

Sponsorship and presentation of GetBlock at Polygon Grants Hackathon;

Partnerships: Lead Wallet, Nice1.


Update of the pricing system;

Launch of new products – Dedicated Nodes, Raw Data, Block Explorers;

Partnerships: BNB Smart Chain, xDai, Verge Currency, Zeedex, Flux, Superlauncher, SimpleHold, Shimbo;

Archive data for the dedicated nodes of BNB Smart Chain (BSC);

New supported blockchains: Polygon, Kusama.


Website localization and support system for Chinese customers;

Account update (generation of endpoints);

Redesign of the website;

Partnerships: Noft Games, DMEX, SupraOracles;

Launch of NFT;

and more to come!


Getblock solution

Building Your Way Within a
Few Clicks & One Line of Code.

With GetBlock and our highly qualified experts, we’re facilitating
the integration of blockchain infrastructures into businesses.

Top Blockchains
in One Space!

Fast & Secure Connection

Our friendly team is here
to assist so you can focus
on nothing but building!

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