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If you want to build dApps, you will need nodes.
When you need nodes, you come to GetBlock.
Just like that!

GetBlock is a multinational team operating from Europe, united by the idea of developing a complete solution for providing access to blockchain nodes of various cryptocurrencies.

Since 2019, our mission is to ensure cost-effective tools and infrastructure that will help enterprises and individual developers to build high-quality blockchain applications faster.
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What is the GetBlock project about?

GetBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides a fast and easy API connection to full nodes from many leading blockchain platforms. It allows you to request on-chain information from a node without the need to set up one manually with JSON-RPC, REST, and WebSockets.

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How to get started with GetBlock?

In order to start using the service, you have to register an account and receive an API key which will be displayed on the dashboard together with the related data. All the required docs that will help you to get started with the GetBlock nodes API can be found in the user account.
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Here’s an example of how to make a JSON-RPC request over CURL


curl - X POST ' https://eth.getblock.io/mainnet/ ' \
-- header ' x-api-key: <YOUR-API-KEY> ' \
-- data-raw ' {

" id ": "blockNumber " ,

" jsonrpc ":" 2.0 " ,

" method ":" eth_getTransactionByHash " ,

" params ":[" 0x88df016429689c079f3b2f6ad39fa052532c56795b733da78a91ebe6a713944b "]

} '



"jsonrpc" : "2.0" ,

"id" : "blockNumber" ,

"result" : {

"blockHash" : "0x1d59ff54b1eb26b013ce3cb5fc9dab3705b415a67127a003c3e61eb445bb8df2" ,

"blockNumber" : "0x5daf3b" ,

"from" : "0xa7d9ddbe1f17865597fbd27ec712455208b6b76d" ,

"gas" : "0xc350" ,

"gasPrice" : "0x4a817c800" ,

"hash" : "0x88df016429689c079f3b2f6ad39fa052532c56795b733da78a91ebe6a713944b" ,

"input" : "0x68656c6c6f21" ,

"nonce" : "0x15" ,

"to" : "0xf02c1c8e6114b1dbe8937a39260b5b0a374432bb" ,

"transactionIndex" : "0x41" ,

"value" : "0xf3dbb76162000" ,

"v" : "0x25" ,

"r" : "0x1b5e176d927f8e9ab405058b2d2457392da3e20f328b16ddabcebc33eaac5fea" ,

"s" : "0x4ba69724e8f69de52f0125ad8b3c5c2cef33019bac3249e2c0a2192766d1721c"



What are the advantages of using GetBlock over running the nodes yourself?

Running and maintaining your own nodes is quite expensive as you have to invest in hardware, electricity and bandwidth, requires extra disc space due to synchronization of the blockchain, and is extremely time-consuming. We can see that when it comes to business and nodes, DIY is not worth the trouble.

GetBlock gives you access to full nodes, requires minutes for integration, and provides reliability. There is no need to waste your time on day-to-day updates, fixing bugs, constant syncing, equipment failures, multiple nodes issues, etc. Leave this headache to the experts, as we are used to it.

How is GetBlock different from other node service providers?

Our pricing system is structured in a way that the purchased requests do not have an expiration date; it means that the unused requests from any package that you bought are automatically transferred to the next month. Also, if you represent an enterprise and prefer to pay for all requests spent rather than be charged for each package individually, you can pay by invoice on any day of the month, whenever it suits you.

If your application needs support for other blockchains or services, just let us know, and we can negotiate and run custom infrastructure for you.

GetBlock is More Than Just Providing
Access to Blockchains

All-in-One Solution

If you want to build a multicurrency wallet or cryptocurrency exchange, GetBlock is ready to offer its top-notch technology, set of developer tools, and non-stop working servers in Germany.

Just a Few Clicks

Stay focused on your project and invest in its development — GetBlock needs not more than a few clicks from you to make things work. Send an API request within a minute after registration!

Fast and Secure

We are constantly developing and adding new nodes, on the contrary, the connection always stays put — fast, at a speed of 1 GB/sec, and secure, under 24/7 surveillance.

Flexible Approach

We are working with both enterprise clients and individual developers with any background, and we can run dedicated infrastructure for you if you have specific requirements.

Privacy Included

The service doesn’t keep or ask for any information about keys, wallets, or any other private data. It receives from the clients only the encrypted transactions.

Custom SLAs

We can create a custom-level SLA depending on the needs of your company and business model.

More New Features & Upgrades are Coming Soon ...

You can always help us in further growth and development,
just let us know what you need