xDai (STAKE) joins the premier league of blockchains whose nodes are available for GetBlock clients. Every crypto enthusiast can move its project to xDAI (STAKE) in a seamless and decentralized manner.

xDai (STAKE) node by GetBlock is up and running

Flagship node connection provider GetBlock is excited to introduce xDai (STAKE) blockchain as its latest partner. xDai (STAKE) node will be available for GetBlock clients and their applications.

Our customers can harness the impressive scalability, high performance and cheap transactions of xDai (STAKE). This platform has a block time of 5 second and proceeds 500 transactions for $.01 xDai, which is equivalent to one cent.

xDai, a native stablecoin of this project can be integrated into decentralized financial instruments (DeFis), and NFT-focuses products.

As additional side-chains can be easily integrated to xDai (STAKE) mechanisms, its STAKE token should be referred to as the world’s first chain-agnostic staking token.

Introducing xDai (STAKE), an all-in-one solution for DeFi era

xDai Stable Chain (STAKE) is a multi-platform project that utilized revolutionary POSDAO consensus: it replaced PoS in 2020.

Besides Ethereum (ETH), this blockchain is connected to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon Network (ex-Matic), the low-cost and speedy smart contract environments.

STAKE staking design is one more killing feature: it is the first token that allows its stakers to earn both STAKE itself and xDai stablecoins for locking their riches.