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Coinalyze: Track and Monitor Crypto Markets

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

May 9, 2024

7 min read

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Cryptocurrencies are known for their rapid price changes, making it essential for users to monitor their assets closely. Coinalyze recognizes this need and offers users the chance to track over 300 digital currencies across multiple top crypto exchanges at once. This means users can stay updated on price movements and market trends for a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, all from a single platform.

Coinalyze, Advanced Crypto Analysis Tool: Highlights

Coinalyze is one of the resources for getting information about the crypto spot and futures markets.

  • It simplifies keeping tabs on digital currencies giving users up-to-the-minute info, neat analytical charting tools, and customizable alerts;
  • By combining data from various exchanges focusing on metrics like funding rates, open interest, liquidation, and Cumulative Volume Delta (CVD) Coinalyze helps uncover hidden dynamics and trader behavior influencing market trends;
  • Accessible via both the website and API, it is one of the tools aiding pro traders in understanding market activity and identifying potential trading opportunities — completely free of charge.

With that, let’s overview more of the app functionality and wrap it up with a quick API tutorial.

What Is Coinalyze?

Since its launch in 2017, this platform has been committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality, and accessible resources for cryptocurrency traders and researchers.

Today, Coinalyze is an analytical tool and advanced charting application providing data and stats on perpetual contracts, futures contracts, and spot trading, consolidating information from all major exchanges.

With over 300 tickers including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Ordinals, Pepe, Bonk, and many more, it not only covers assets that users are likely interested in or commonly trade but also a broader range of them that users might not have considered.

How Does Coinalyze Work?

By integrating TradingView, the website provides users access to charting capabilities and technical analysis tools directly within their interface.

Beyond simply observing the price of an asset, it enables users to look into the underlying factors driving price movements with a vast library of indicators that can be added to charts.

Additionally, the team has developed its own infrastructure to collect and deliver all types of data beyond what is provided by standard charting platforms.


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Coinalyze CVD (Cumulative Volume Delta), Open Interest, Long and Short Liquidations, and Funding Rates are often reference points in crypto experts’ market analysis.

Coinalyze Pricing

Users do not need to sign up for the website to start using its services; all dashboards and tools are accessible free of charge.

However, registered members have access to some handy tools:

  • Adding extra indicators to their charts without limitations;
  • Saving customized chart layouts as templates;
  • Personalizing the home page by adding columns with custom metrics.

There is an option to upgrade to a paid account to support the platform and receive extra benefits, such as the ability to save more charts or layouts.


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Nevertheless, with the free account, traders retain full functionality and flexibility.

Coinalyze Key Features

One of the key advantages of this charting tool is the ability to pull data from multiple exchanges where particular assets or pairs are traded. This adds some interesting features to the mix.

Integration with Exchanges

The app users can see a more complete picture of the market without having to manually gather information from various sources. As of May 2024, it tracks data simultaneously from 25 trading platforms, to name a few:

  1. Bybit
  2. Binance
  3. Kraken
  4. Coinbase
  5. dYdX
  6. Bitforex
  7. Phemex
  8. BitMEX
  9. Bit2c
  10. WOO X

For traders, this helps capture the trends across the entire market landscape that may not be readily apparent when looking at individual data points. From the perspective of the platform’s functionality, it allows for creating unified data sets and comprehensive indicators.

Advanced Charting Tools

To those used to TradingView, using the app will be a familiar experience. The asset page is a familiar price action candlestick chart. However, it preloads with extra indicators on Coinalyze: Open Interest, CVD, Funding Rates, or Liquidations aggregated across listed exchanges.

Traders can also customize their analysis by checking off or selecting exchanges they are interested in based on liquidity, trading volume, or personal preference.


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As an added bonus, a few indicators available on TradingView paid account, e.g. VPVR, are accessible for free on the website.

Global Charts

To allow tracking aggregation of all the cryptocurrencies and their combined Open Interest, Funding Rate, Liquidations, and CVD, Coinalyze offers a separate Futures Market Global Charts section.


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From here, users can pick up some insights about trends and investor sentiment across the whole ecosystem. It further displays key statistics broken down by exchange.

A Snapshot of Platform Capabilities

There is a lot more to explore within the platform, but let’s for now make a quick reference guide to highlight some of its offerings:

Category Feature
Markets Spot
Derivatives (futures, perpetual)
Integrated Platforms 25 major CEXs and crypto derivatives trading platforms
Assets listed 300+
Main Tools Futures market data
Individual and global charts
Technical analysis
Candlestick pattern detection
Most Used Indicators Aggregated CVD, Open Interest, Funding rates, Liquidations
Additional Features Free API
Email and Telegram Alerts
Telegram Bot
Live chat
News feed
Pricing Free access to all the tools, extra paid features available

With these and more tools featured in the app, traders get a free access to tons of valuable information; but interpreting it effectively is also crucial. When used alongside other tools, this data can be the key to making informed trading decisions in the cryptocurrency market.

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Coinalyze API

For advanced users, the platform’s charting data is available via free API. With 10 endpoints available in V1, traders and developers can retrieve real-time and historical data on spot and futures trading, including OHLCV data, open interest, funding rates, and liquidations.

For detailed information on available endpoints, request parameters, and response formats, please refer to dedicated API documentation.

Here's a brief tutorial on how to use the API:

  1. Access your account: Visit the website and register for an account or sign in;
  2. Generate a free API key: Once logged in, navigate to the API Key generation section;
  3. Make requests: Build your HTTP requests using the appropriate endpoint URL, query parameters, and a generated key;
  4. Mind rate limits: The rate limit for requests is set at 40 API calls per minute.

As an example, let’s use an "/open-interest" endpoint to fetch current data for BTCUSDT perpetual for Binance exchange (Exchange code "A"). Here's a curl command to make the request:

curl -X GET "" \
-H "api_key: YOUR_API_KEY"

This is the response format we get:

    "symbol": "BTCUSDT_PERP.A",
    "value": 4490680581.4935,
    "update": 1715031642359

Coders can discover a list of supported exchanges and their corresponding codes via the "/exchanges" endpoint.


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Summing Up

A key advantage of blockchain is the accessibility of data. Coinalyze cryptocurrency charting app is one of the numerous tools that democratize access to information within the ecosystem for traders to identify potential opportunities or trends.

For developers – aggregated data readily available from a single API source eliminates the need to interface with multiple exchanges individually.

GetBlock joins this wave and provides access to RPC API for over 50 blockchains as an alternative for self-hosted nodes. Start with a free account and explore data accessibility and seamless integration with your blockchain-based applications.


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Deen Newman

Deen Newman

May 9, 2024

7 min read