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Three Reasons Why Your Crypto Business Needs Dedicated Nodes: Explained By GetBlock



August 5, 2022

4 min read

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When we talk about blockchains, not many beginners are familiar with the concept of nodes. However, nodes are an integral part of blockchain technology. In fact, it wouldn’t be possible to access the blockchain without nodes. While there are many types of nodes - which will be mentioned later in this article - we are going to focus on some primary reasons why Web3 developers could benefit from implementing GetBlock’s dedicated nodes into their projects.

Nodes play a key role in blockchain technology

As of recently, we have noticed quite a number of experts highlighting the fact that blockchain-based businesses - both startups and bigger companies - have started to incorporate blockchain nodes into their projects. What does this mean and what role do nodes play in blockchain technology?

Nodes form blockchain infrastructure

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Let’s quickly remind ourselves how blockchains are formed. Each blockchain consists of blocks filled with data, or information. This database is not stored on a third-party server; instead, it is hosted on nodes. Nodes are essentially any kind of computing device connected to other nodes in order to maintain the proper functioning of the said blockchain, e.g, exchanging data.

Based on this information, we could come to the conclusion that blockchains exist on nodes - nodes also provide the full history of events performed on the said blockchain.

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What’s more, miners are also largely dependent on nodes. Indeed, nodes are the component responsible for accepting or denying new blocks of data broadcasted by miners before they can validate a transaction. Nodes provide the required security to blockchains.

Essentially, blockchains can run on a single node; however, having multiple online nodes helps increase the resistance to malfunctions on the network.

How businesses use nodes

The process of utilizing node infrastructure is often referred to as ‘running a node’. A blockchain could have multiple nodes running at the same time. Theoretically, all you would have to do is download the entire blockchain history, and with enough tech skills, you would be able to provide proper security and integrity to your self-hosted node.

The act of building and maintaining a self-hosted node is rather monotonous. Therefore, many beginners and professionals resort to tech-savvy blockchain-as-a-service providers, such as GetBlock. This pioneer nodes provider guarantees resource-efficient and robust node infrastructure for all kinds of decentralized businesses.

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What are dedicated nodes?

With the help of the industry-leading node provider GetBlock, each client can get fast access to dedicated nodes of over 40 leading blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, Polygon, etc.

Reason #1: dedicated nodes give guarantee Web3 technology integration

Dedicated nodes, hosted by GetBlock, are built on the basis of the latest blockchain technology, meaning GetBlock clients receive a premium-quality product designed specifically for the purpose of boosting the performance of your blockchain-based business. Dedicated nodes support all types of decentralized applications (dApps). The option includes access to several API interfaces (JSON-RPC), WS, GraphQL, REST & etc.; 24/7 technical support, an easy-to-use analytical dashboard, a variety of geographically distributed server locations, an unlimited number of requests, and much more.

Reason #2: dedicated nodes are privately designed

Each dedicated node is uniquely tailored by the GetBlock team to meet the client’s specific requirements. These types of requests can help skyrocket decentralized businesses to succeed in a fast and easy way, since clients do not share their node infrastructure with other peers.

Besides, GetBlock clients are able to save time and money by choosing the dedicated nodes option. The pricing is discussed with each customer individually.

Reason #3: dedicated nodes provide seamless integration

Last but not the least, dedicated nodes allow Web3 developers to build scalable and high-performance decentralized applications with no rate limits. The integration of Web3 technology into your business is done via accessing a unique API key provided to you by the GetBlock team. The API key grants deployment on both mainnet and testnet. There is no requirement for cryptographic skills knowledge.

If you are interested in purchasing dedicated nodes hosted by GetBlock or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us right away via following this link.



August 5, 2022

4 min read