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DEX Screener: Advanced Analytics for Decentralized Exchanges

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

December 7, 2023

11 min read

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Today, we embark on a journey into the heart of DeFi, exploring the fascinating realm where data transcends mere information to become a catalyst for informed decision-making.

Join us as we discover DEX Screener as a platform that effortlessly delivers real-time data from all corners of decentralized finance.

DEX Screener: Key Highlights

DEX Screener is a versatile, free platform that offers a unique lens into the world of cryptocurrency:

  • It features comprehensive data sets for analyzing assets across 70+ blockchain networks used as the underlying infrastructure for various DeFi applications, including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Solana, and Base;
  • The killer feature of the platform is automated listing and data gathering processes facilitating the discovery of new tokens and analyzing their performance;
  • This DEX scanner weaves together a suite of comprehensive security analysis services, equipping traders with powerful tools to mitigate risks inherent in DeFi;
  • The service conveniently bridges token traders and DEXs by allowing them to research all the data and trade on the go;
  • The platform also caters to developers seeking to integrate DEX scanner APIs into their products and leverage the comprehensive data;

With that, we welcome you on our DEX Screener tour, where we overview the platform’s remarkable features and guide you through its myriad opportunities.

What is a DEX Screener?

Launched in 2021, DEX Screener is a free tool that helps users track the price action of a variety of tokens and helps them find new assets early on.

On par with other popular DEX scanners, it not only provides a comprehensive overview of on-chain trading but also reflects all the metrics the DeFi trader may be interested in.


Image from DEXScreener

Let’s cover some of its benefits that captivate users:

  • Comprehensive blockchain coverage: The platform goes the extra mile by sourcing data from 75 blockchain networks directly to ensure users gain insights into all popular DEXs operating on these chains.

  • Automated listing: Newly deployed tokens across supported blockchains are instantly available on the platform, allowing users to unearth potential investment opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Uncovering hidden gems: DEX Screener goes beyond mainstream tokens by actively tracking small-cap coins that may be challenging to discover on more traditional platforms.

For many traders, DEX Screener is a one-stop shop for quickly checking what's happening in decentralized exchanges without doing much manual research.

N.B. For detailed guidance on decentralized exchanges, their functionality, and building one, refer to our tutorial on creating a Uniswap-like dApp.

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Exploring DEX Screener’s core features

Now that we've set the stage, let's dive into the powerhouse features that make DEX Screener a force to be reckoned with.

1. User-friendly interface

DEX Screener delivers a consolidated and refined experience, where platform navigation unfolds intuitively.

The main dashboard provides an overview of trending token pairs, showcasing vital metrics like price, volume, and liquidity across supported networks. Easily explore pairs within specific ecosystems by selecting protocols from the left-side menu.

For a targeted exploration, users can utilize the search bar to find specific tokens by entering the ticker, asset name, or contract address. The results not only unveil associated pairs and trading DEXs but also neatly sort them by liquidity.

Pair pages offer concise details:

  • Brief token info with direct links to official sites and social media;
  • Smart contract addresses;
  • Liquidity pool size and real-time market stats;
  • Advanced charting tool;
  • Security flags and scam alerts.

All the information is compact on one page offering a swift and thorough overview of essential aspects. It's a breeze to navigate and ensures you don't miss a beat when diving into the details of each token.


Image from DEXScreener

2. Charting

DEX Screener seamlessly integrates live charts from Trading View, ensuring a familiar experience for those accustomed to its functionalities.

Additionally, users can explore token buys and sells within specific pools, encompassing DEX transactions, all equipped with links to block explorers for comprehensive insights.

The newly added ‘Top Traders’ feature empowers users to discover the trading patterns of prominent accounts, providing easy access to their transaction history related to a specific pair.


Image from DEXScreener

3. Exploring new pairs

Unlike other platforms that might lag behind with adding new tokens to their platform, DEX Screener swiftly and automatically lists small-cap coins launched on supported blockchains.

By navigating to the “New Pairs” tab, therefore, it’s easy to discover new projects and do further research. Users can customize the view by selecting specific blockchains and applying various filters.


Image from DEXScreener

However, a word of caution: While new projects may hold promise, they also expose users to risks. It’s important to exercise due diligence and use additional security tools to navigate the landscape of emerging projects.

4. Tracking Gainers & Losers

Another way of discovering intriguing prospects within the cryptocurrency landscape is the ‘Gainers & Losers’ tab.


Image from DEXScreener

This section provides a clear-cut perspective on assets that have undergone notable gains and losses. Going beyond the surface, DEX Screener offers additional metrics such as real-time price action and hourly changes shedding light on a token's market position.

5. Multicharts functionality

Efficiency meets customization in DEX Screener's ‘Multicharts’ feature. With the ability to assemble up to 16 charts per tab, the platform provides a neatly organized space for users to explore market trends.


Image from DEXScreener

It’s easy to personalize the experience by adding as many tabs as you see fit, grouping them based on your preferences. Additionally, users can delve into the details, modify their view, and interact with these charts as if they were full-screen.

6. Integration with famous blockchain networks

With a commitment to integrating a diverse range of networks, DEX Screener boasts a grand total of 75 listed chains as of November 2023, currently supporting all well-established protocols such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

It also keeps pace with the dynamic crypto landscape by continually adding support for newly emerging networks like Base, zkSync, Sui, Sei, and Scroll. Notably, DEX Screener encourages user involvement by accepting requests to list additional chains.

Below is a table providing a comprehensive overview of popular networks, some decentralized exchanges listed and monitored by this DEX scanner for each network, and their overall count.

# Network Listed DEXs Total number of Listed DEXs
1 Ethereum PancakeSwap SushiSwap Balancer DeFi Swap KyberSwap SafeMoon Swap 21
2 BSC PancakeSwap Thena Uniswap Biswap ApeSwap OpenOcean 48
3 Arbitrum Uniswap Camelot Chronos ZyberSwap MagicSwap 35
4 Solana Orca Raydium FluxBeam 3
5 Base BaseSwap SharkSwap Uniswap PancakeSwap SwapBased Glacier 33
6 Polygon Uniswap QuickSwap Balancer DFYN Polycat Elk Finance 32

7. Watchlist management

With DEX Screener users can also curate lists ready to go for different purposes, whether it's tracking potential investments, monitoring specific market trends, or simply keeping tabs on favorite tokens.

Categorize your favorite coins by hitting the star button on the pair page or directly from the search tab. The website showcases your compiled list conveniently on the sidebar, ensuring easy navigation without unnecessary clicks.


Image from DEXScreener

8. Setting price alerts with DEX Screener

Not all decentralized exchanges boast the convenience of limit order functionality. However, DEX scanners step in as a practical solution by offering users the ability to manually set up price alerts.


Image from DEXScreener

Why bother with price alerts? They serve as invaluable tools for securing optimal entry and exit points on crypto tokens. DEX Screener alerts, available both in-browser and through the mobile app, keep you in the loop.

And for those who prefer to stay informed via Telegram, the scanner offers price alerts through a dedicated Bot.


Image from DEX Screener Bot

9. DEX Screener API

The team behind the platform opens its data vault with its API — a toolkit inviting software maestros to seamlessly interact with the wealth of data monitored by the platform.

However, it's important to note that the DEX Screener APIs are currently in beta. Users venturing into this realm should also be mindful of the request limitations, with a cap set at 300 requests per minute.


Image from DEX Screener

Now, let's put this API to the test and query information for the ADA/WBNB using a pair address provided by the website ("0x673516e510d702ab5f2bbf0c6b545111a85f7ea7") with a simple curl command:

curl -L -X GET "" 

In response, our DEX scanner offers a wealth of data, including token details, pricing information, transaction history, trading volume, and price changes, to name a few.


Furthermore, the integration of DEX Screener API with Google Sheets eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that users always have up-to-date information at their fingertips.

How to use DEX Screener efficiently

We’re not leaving you without additional tips that will help you optimize your journey with DEX Screener. Unlock enhanced user experience with these steps:

Signing up to the platform

To fully harness the functionality of DEX Screener, signing up to the platform is a pivotal first step. The process is seamlessly organized, requiring users to connect a wallet, MetaMask being a popular and user-friendly choice.

Upon successful registration, a realm of possibilities opens up. Not only can you effortlessly track your portfolio, but you can also execute trades directly from the interface without the need to leave the website.


Image from DEX Screener

Researching pairs

Beyond providing complex data that aids in identifying unusual trading activities for specific tokens, DEX Screener seamlessly integrates with several external services, enhancing your research capabilities:

  • Access links to Twitter posts mentioning the token directly through the website. Stay updated with community sentiments and real-time discussions surrounding the token you're researching;
  • DEX Screener offers quick access to token and pair contract addresses. Dive deeper into dedicated explorers or seamlessly add tokens to MetaMask;
  • Go+ Security and Token Sniffer dashboards seamlessly integrated into the platform help spot vulnerabilities and take necessary precautions to ensure a secure trading environment.

Image from DEX Screener

DEX Screener mobile app

With the mobile apps, available for both iOS and Android, users enjoy the same powerful features and a seamlessly synchronized experience across all devices.

Based on user feedback, a few minor bugs may crop up, which is not uncommon for recently launched apps. However, the team diligently addresses these issues and releases improved app versions on a monthly basis.


Image from DEX Screener iOS App

Other tools in the crypto space

It may be a good idea to use DEX Screener as a complementary tool to thorough research, rather than the sole solution. Here's a glance at other prominent tools providing similar services:

1. DEXTools

The platform is strikingly similar to DEX Screener. When comparing DEXTools vs DEX Screener, however, users commonly observe that the latter surpasses DEXTools in terms of a more convenient and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smoother navigation experience.

However, it's worth noting that Screener may have a slight delay in updating contract details and security checklists. Consequently, the information might be marginally less current compared to its counterpart.


Image from DexTools

Nevertheless, both platforms aim to provide users with comprehensive insights into decentralized exchanges so that the decision of which tool to choose ultimately boils down to personal preference and user comfort.

2. DexGuru

DexGuru stands out as the platform of choice for seasoned traders, boasting advanced charting tools and efficient token trading features. While it lacks curated token lists, the service compensates with a comprehensive overview of decentralized exchange statistics.


Image from Dex.Guru

Specifically designed for traders who know their preferences, DexGuru offers a refined and personalized trading experience. While it cannot be fully compared to DEX Screener due to diverging purposes, it’s a nice additional tool to use.

Wrapping up: Choosing the right DEX scanner for you

Navigating the decentralized exchange landscape got a whole lot simpler with various scanner tools like DEX Screener that track blockchain data and share it with users. While the options are vast, the key is to choose the platform that aligns best with your preferences.

If you’re willing to dive deeper into the sea of blockchain data, GetBlock may also be a valuable tool. Create your account now and get access to over 50 blockchain node APIs. Test out our free plan that offers an unparalleled speed of 60 requests per second for every one of your Web3 needs.


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Deen Newman

Deen Newman

December 7, 2023

11 min read