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What is GeckoTerminal?

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

February 12, 2024

6 min read

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In our data-driven age, having access to accurate and up-to-date information is priceless. The DEX tracking tool by CoinGecko is one of the spaces for crypto users to catch up with invaluable data on the dynamic DeFi market without having to manually observe or monitor decentralized exchanges.


GeckoTerminal serves as a robust data aggregation tool, offering a centralized hub for detailed insights into liquidity pools across various decentralized exchanges.

  • The platform compiles on-chain data related to tokens, liquidity pools, and DEXs, presenting it in an easily readable and accessible format for users;
  • Launched in 2021 by the CoinGecko team, the service has rapidly evolved, now providing analytics for over 2 million tokens across more than a hundred blockchains;
  • Public API facilitates seamless access to this rich data, enabling its integration into DeFi applications or swift programmatic access to DEX data.

Let’s now explore the capabilities of this free tool and unveil the features it brings to both traders and developers.

What is GeckoTerminal?

GeckoTerminal is a platform that keeps track of and shares information about decentralized exchanges and the tokens they trade.

It brings together on-chain data on cryptocurrency pairs, their trade histories, and charted market data, all in one convenient spot for easy analysis and monitoring.

Developed by CoinGecko, a prominent cryptocurrency data aggregator, this tool was first introduced in 2021. Adapting to DeFi's growth, it currently tracks over 800 DEXs on 110+ chains, mainly EVM networks, featuring around 2.5 million tokens.


Image from Gecko Terminal

While CoinGecko conducts thorough examinations to ensure the asset meets specific criteria and standards before listing, GeckoTerminal adopts an automated approach. It tracks data for every token across supported blockchains.

Benefits of using GeckoTerminal

Before diving into a short tutorial on how to navigate the app, let's briefly highlight the advantages that users may discover.

  1. Token diversity: A continually growing selection of listed DEXs and assets across popular networks ensures comprehensive coverage of the DeFi landscape;
  2. In-depth insights: Up-to-date stats and charts offer a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of token performance. Not limited to top-performing pools, it allows users to delve deeper by analyzing trading pairs with less activity and newly created assets;
  3. User-focused interface: The service caters to both expert traders seeking relevant data and beginners looking for easy navigation.

To add, the GeckoTerminal mobile app introduced earlier this year further enhances the ease of accessing blockchain data.


Image from Gecko Terminal App

How to use GeckoTerminal

With that, let’s see how to navigate the platform.

The main page offers a clear overview of all trading pairs in a simple table format, highlighting trending or newly created pools in a separate section. Users can explore specific networks by selecting one from the left-side menu, with the option to further filter views by different DEXs.

The table view is highly customizable; users can easily filter by price, transaction counts, liquidity, or volume by clicking on the respective category. For instance, the current top liquidity pool by volume is SOL/USDC on Orca DEX.

Importantly, registration or login is optional for users, unless they need to access a saved watchlist across various devices or in the GeckoTerminal mobile app.

Token pair overview

Clicking on a trading pair provides users with detailed information about the pool, such as:

  • Token prices and transaction count;
  • Performance across different time intervals;
  • Volume and liquidity metrics;
  • Asset reserves distribution;
  • Pool existence duration;
  • Contract details;
  • Exchange link for further exploration;
  • Latest transactions associated with the pool.

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The dashboard also integrates TradingView charts, providing a visual representation of market trends and movements.

Market overview

Within the GeckoTerminal app, it‘s further possible to explore the DeFi landscape via the "DEX Ranking" section, featuring exchanges listed by daily volume.

“Chain Ranking” displays a list of networks sorted by Total Value Locked (TVL) for a quick view of pools and tokens they feature.


Image Source

The "New Pools" tab offers insights into recently created trading pairs to uncover potential opportunities or trends.

​​For users wanting to stay updated on preferred token pairs, the "Watchlist" feature is available. It's worth noting, however, that the alert system is not yet introduced to the platform.

N.B. Need more DeFi research tools in your arsenal? Explore other tools with our guide on DEX Screener.

GeckoTerminal developer tools

Users can obtain detailed market data for every asset or discover all pools that are actively trading a specific token with a single API call. GeckoTerminal’s API provides access to on-chain market data aggregated from various DEXes.

During its beta phase, this feature is available for free, with rates restricted to 30 calls per minute.

As an illustration, the following is an example of how you can request the price of the Wrapped SOL token within the most optimal pool on the Solana network using the curl command and the token’s contract address:

curl -X 'GET'
-H 'accept: application/json'

The response:


This feature proves invaluable for Web3 dApp developers or individuals exploring and analyzing market data and token prices across a wide spectrum of blockchain networks and protocols.

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Wrapping up

GeckoTerminal appears to be a powerful DeFi research tool with its mission to cover as much information as possible on a wide array of tokens and trading pairs. Users can expect to find valuable data for research or integrate it directly into their own dApps with public API.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discover answers to commonly asked questions about GeckoTerminal, from its fundamental features to navigation tips.

What is GeckoTerminal?

GeckoTerminal is a platform and app developed by CoinGecko, a leading cryptocurrency data aggregator. It tracks and consolidates on-chain data on liquidity pools across 800+ decentralized exchanges. It provides users with a centralized hub for easy analysis and monitoring.

What are the key features and capabilities of GeckoTerminal?

The primary focus of the app is to provide detailed insights into token performance within liquidity pools. It also offers a Web3 developer API for easy integration into DeFi products.

Can I customize the user interface of GeckoTerminal?

Users have the flexibility to customize the platform UI. This includes personalizing applying filters and trying different settings for pool overview and charting.

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

February 12, 2024

6 min read