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How to Get Sepolia Testnet ETH?

Vance Wood

Vance Wood

June 28, 2024

4 min read

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Sepolia is the main version of the Ethereum testnet, enabling the usage of its network methods and transactions without spending the real, expensive ETH. Let’s see how to get Sepolia testnet ETH in MetaMask and obtain test ETH on it to use for dApp testing.

What is Sepolia testnet?

Ethereum has a wide potential for dApp creation due to its programmable nature, but blockchain developers must test and debug their applications. Moreover, blockchain enthusiasts should have the option to test network methods without risking their funds.

That’s why most blockchains have testnets. Sepolia is the current working version of Ethereum testnet, so here we review how to get free Sepolia ETH and how to use it.

Its primary features are:

  • Tokens have no real-world value.
  • Regular updates and tests.
  • Governance by the community of developers.

Image: MetaMask

Here, MetaMask will be used as the wallet to send testnet tokens. To add Sepolia testnet into it, open the Network setting on the upper left, swipe below until seeing the Testnets list, enable Show test networks, and select Sepolia here. Its address will be the same as the main ETH address, but tokens here will be test tokens.

To understand how to get Sepolia ETH, here is a quick algorithm that will be expanded further.

  1. See below how to reach Ethereum testnet faucets.
  2. Open the faucet and write your Sepolia testnet wallet address.
  3. Obtain your test tokens, usually about 0.1-0.5 SepoliaETH.

Let's look at these stages closer.

How to get Sepolia ETH through the faucet?

Crypto faucets enable users to obtain test tokens for free. Let’s see how to get Sepolia faucet, using an example from GetBlock.

Open faucets

Access our faucet list and explore different networks where test crypto is available. There are different Sepolia networks in Ethereum L2 solutions, from Arbitrum to Base, but here it’s important to select the primary Ethereum to get Sepolia ETH on the testnet wallet.

Choose the Sepolia ETH faucet

After locating the Sepolia faucet, click on the Try Now button. Then, the menu will open where it’ll be possible to. It’s important to remember that commercial operations are impossible with test Ether: it’s meaningless to wonder how to sell Sepolia ETH, as it has no value.


Image: GetBlock

Enter the Sepolia ETH address in the corresponding field, which is usually the same as the main ETH address, but should be selected manually in the MetaMask network selection section. It’s important to note that a small amount of real ETH should be present on the corresponding wallet, around 0.005. Such a limit is present to avoid spam.

How much is Sepolia ETH?

It’s possible to obtain 0.1 free SepoliaETH every day on the chosen wallet. After entering the address, click the Claim Token button. That’s how to claim Sepolia ETH for developing purposes.

Using the Sepolia tokens

As no commercial value is present, test ETH can be used freely to test dApps functionality and explore network methods. It’s very beneficial in the development and testing stages, as developers avoid losses and commissions. After all tests, the dApp can be launched to use real ETH without hidden problems.

GetBlock offers a choice of over 50 blockchain nodes, with 40,000 free requests available each day, enough for testing and exploring the network capabilities. Sign up now and purchase the right plan as your dApp scales, avoiding overpayments and selecting nodes you really need!

Vance Wood

Vance Wood

June 28, 2024

4 min read