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Best Crypto Faucets 2024



June 19, 2024

6 min read

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A faucet is a website that users can visit once or multiple times a day to claim small amounts of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dogecoin as rewards, basically for free. These crypto faucet sites allow beginner holders to accumulate small amounts of real digital assets. The mechanism is adopted in the developer environment, yet with a different purpose.

In this article, we’ll look into a free crypto faucet list to find the best solution for developer needs.

Best Crypto Faucets for Developers in 2024: Highlights

Crypto faucet sites exist to distribute testnet tokens that have no monetary value but are invaluable for Web3 engineers who use them to test and develop on test networks (testnets).

  • For blockchain professionals, it is a necessary tool for the initial development and testing of applications before launching them in production;
  • The amount distributed is small but sufficient to cover gas fees on testnets, run transactions, or deploy contracts;
  • RPC services like GetBlock, Alchemy, or Quicknode are the best free crypto faucet providers for users who need one platform supporting their development from getting testnet tokens to experimenting and building.

Let’s now explore the most used testnet faucets and compile a crypto faucets list with the most accessible solutions for developers.

Top 8 Crypto Faucets

Each of the test blockchain networks has a designated test token distributed for free via faucets. Below is the list of the most used testnet token-distributing platforms.

Ethereum Sepolia

Sepolia is a separate network to run tests within the Ethereum ecosystem. After the deprecation of the Goerly testnet, it is the primary testnet for application development. Ethereum Sepolia Faucet drops Sepolia ETH (SETH) tokens to allow decentralized applications and smart contract trial runs.


Image: GetBlock

Arbitrum Sepolia

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 chain that uses optimistic rollup technology and finalizes its transactions on the Ethereum network. Imitating the Arbitrum One chain functioning, Arbitrum Sepolia uses Ethereum’s testnet as its underlying Layer 1. Arbitrum’s testnet faucet provides test Ether (ETH) to experiment with features specific to the Arbitrum network in a safe and controlled environment.

Base Sepolia

Base Sepolia faucet distributes free tokens to use on a dedicated testnet for the Base L2 network. Claimed ETH token versions are used for testing new features, smart contracts, and other developments without risking real assets or affecting the main network.

Blast Sepolia

Similar to other L2 chains, Blast Sepolia uses the Ethereum Sepolia testnet as its underlying Layer 1 foundation. Therefore, developers needing to test their application on Blast would request Blast Sepolia tokens from a faucet.

Linea Sepolia

L2 scaling solution based on zero-knowledge technology, Linea enables deploying smart contracts with almost the same security as Ethereum but at much lower costs. Developers can use Linea testnet to test Solidity contracts with the supply of ETH tokens received from Linea faucets.

N.B.: Zero-knowledge is a big trend in the ecosystem. Need a deeper dive? Follow our beginner guide to ZK tech in blockchain.

Scroll Sepolia

Scroll is another ZK-powered network, 100% compatible with the technology of Ethereum. Developers familiar with deploying contracts on Ethereum will find deploying on Linea effortless.

Scroll faucets give out free Sepolia ETH to use on Scroll’s testnet for users experimenting with the network or for experts building on Scroll.

zkSync Sepolia

zkSync Sepolia faucets work exactly like Ethereum Sepolia, distributing SETH for zkSync’s Simulation Network before deploying to the production chain. The network’s ​​scalability provided by zero-knowledge technology makes the network more efficient and cost-effective for developers to deploy and test dApps.

Polygon Amoy

Amoy testnet, a new Sepolia-based testnet for the Polygon PoS chain launched in April 2024, is currently the primary sandbox for developers to build and test applications on Polygon. Amoy faucet supplies developers with some funds to experiment with the Polygon ecosystem.

Best Crypto Faucet Sites

We’ve gathered a list of the most reliable and certified providers specifically tailored for developers, offering the necessary resources to develop blockchain solutions for free.

Here's a comparison of some of the best faucets in crypto:

Provider Claimable Token Amount Timer Requirements Requires registration Speed Registration process
GetBlock 0.1 24h No Yes Fast MetaMask authentication OR Email verification
Ethereum Ecosystem Faucet From 0.05 24h ENS domain name and computing power for mining work No Slow N/A

Top faucets for crypto users are designed to be easily accessible as their main purpose is to aid free blockchain development. However, to ensure that the system exploits, these platforms have certain requirements in place:

  1. All services introduce time-based restrictions, allowing claims every 12 or 24 hours;
  2. For the GetBlock test faucet, users need to create an account on the platform to ensure fair distribution, which is, however, the only requirement;
  3. Some services check if users maintain a small balance in their mainnet account.
  4. Some faucets may ask users to complete small tasks. For instance, the Ethereum Ecosystem Faucet utilizes users' computing power for mining work, making it less straightforwardly free.

Image: Ethereum Ecosystem

Top crypto faucet service lists often feature crypto node providers as they aim to offer comprehensive support for developers, covering everything from initial token acquisition to final application deployment.

Experience it firsthand: Create a GetBlock account with MetaMask with a simple click, collect 0.01 Sepolia ETH from the faucet, and explore GetBlock's testnet nodes for smooth development.

Wrapping Up

Faucet crypto websites are more about providing free resources for a free access to Web3 development, than earning digital assets. For professionals, it’s the safest and easiest way to claim free tokens for testing purposes. Choosing the best crypto faucet site, however, involves researching its lifetime reliability and whether its requirements suit each user before enrolling.


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June 19, 2024

6 min read