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Free Crypto Faucets Released by GetBlock: How to Claim Free ETH



June 17, 2024

4 min read

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Starting from June 2024, GetBlock, a premium Web3 infrastructure provider, is offering free-to-use crypto faucets for Ethereum and EVM networks. Every developer can claim up to 0.1 ETH daily for stress-testing smart contracts and applications.

Free ETH faucets now on GetBlock: From Ethereum and Polygon to Scroll and Base

Expanding its stack of free solutions for developers, GetBlock, a top-tier RPC node provider, activates its crypto faucet portal. From June 3, 2024, Wev3 developers are invited to claim free test ETH/MATIC for experiments on Ethereum Sepolia, Polygon Amoy, as well as on Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Scroll, Blast, Linea, and zkSync Sepolia testnets.


As a first mainstream RPC node provider that added support for a wide range of new-gen Ethereum-based networks, GetBlock releases a full stack of EVM L1s and L2s. Compared to competitive solutions, crypto faucet portal by GetBlock looks more newbie friendly and stable.

Welcoming the latest release, GetBlock CEO Arseniy Voitenko invited all Web3 enthusiasts to try GetBlock crypto faucets:

Amidst all our recent upgrades, this one is for sure the most important release for global Web3 fam. We’re beyond excited to offer crypto developers a stack of user-friendly and secure crypto faucets for EVM blockchains. We’re sure that this product will introduce GetBlock to the new generation of devs who will be ready to launch secure and reliable apps.

Sepolia and Amoy testnets are new-gen testing environments that replaced Ethereum Goerli and Polygon Mumbai respectively. As testnet tokens have zero real value, testing procedures in all these networks can’t result in funds being lost.

How to get free test ETH in three clicks

GetBlock’s cryptocurrency faucets are available free of charge for all users registered with GetBlock regardless of their tier: users of free accounts also can claim free test ETH or MATIC from the faucets.

In order to get free test ETH from GetBlock’s faucet, users are required to do three following steps:

  1. Sign up to GetBlock via e-mail, Google account, or MetaMask.
  2. Enter valid Ethereum/Polygon 0x address to corresponding field.
  3. Claim test ETH/MATIC.

To prevent the faucets from being spammed and abused, GetBlock implemented some limitations. Crypto faucets users can get 0.02 ETH every day for free. In order to start using GetBlock’s testnet faucets, the developer should have at least 0.001 ETH on his or her wallet. These limitations are introduced to ensure that all developers will be able to get test ETH with minimum possible latency.

What is a crypto faucet: GetBlock 101

Previously, GetBlock already released free-to-use tools to support independent developers in the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. GetBlock offers free accounts with RPC nodes to allow everyone to experiment with its opportunities.

Also, recently GetBlock started publishing its “Marketplace”, a library of most trending and reputable decentralized applications from various segments. GetBlock checks the developments in Web3 and highlights top DeFis, GameFis, Play-to-Earn apps, wallets, and so on. Last but not the least, GetBlock maintains feature-rich block explorers for Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Harmony, and other networks.

In modern Web3, crypto faucets are applications that help developers and testers to get test ETH tokens for building and testing apps. Testnet ETH can only be used in corresponding networks, and can not be bridged to Ethereum mainnet and exchanged for tokens with real value.

GetBlock is excited to invite all developers to claim free test MATIC and ETH on Amoy and Sepolia testnets as well as to experiment with other free-to-use instruments:

GetBlock Testnet Faucets:
GetBlock Web3 dApp Hub:
GetBlock Explorers:

Stay with us for more, and enjoy your #BUIDL!



June 17, 2024

4 min read