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GetBlock Records: Our Progress and Endeavors in September 2022

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

October 3, 2022

4 min read

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GetBlock has a principle that no matter what is happening in the world or in the market, GetBlock Team is always moving forward. Let's see what we have achieved in September following this principle.

Partnership Announcements

We all know that partnerships with great projects are beneficial not only for GetBlock but also for its community, so here we go:

GetBlock announces a partnership with Syscoin (SYS) Blockchain

Syscoin offers a wide range of novel solutions, so many Web3 developers are looking for ways to integrate the platform ecosystem into their decentralized offerings. GetBlock is a blockchain-as-a-service provider with best-in-class infrastructure for building dApps and various options for different needs and budgets.

GetBlock clients can take advantage of Syscoin's breakthrough technology through dedicated and shared SYS nodes.

You can find all the details in this article.

GetBlock partners with ZCash Blockchain

ZCash nodes can be integrated in wallets, explorers, analytical dashboards, trading bots and so on. And with dedicated nodes of ZCash by GetBlock, crypto entrepreneurs can deploy their products without a single line of code.

Developers can use the promo “ZCASHNODE30”, and get a 30% discount on their first Zcash dedicated pack purchase.

GetBlock integrates with Tezos Blockchain

Tezos (XTZ) is a user-centric open-source blockchain that aims to revolutionize Web3 development by implementing advanced tools and features. Web3 developers are actively using Tezos and building decentralized products based on the blockchain.

The best, most time and resource-efficient way to connect to the Tezos ecosystem is torun a Tezos node hosted by GetBlock.

GetBlock Releases Blockchain Webhooks Functionality in Public Beta

GetBlock, a top-tier blockchain infrastructure provider, smashed through an impressive milestone. Alongside nodes APIs and explorers, it is proud to offer GetBlock Tracker, a Web3 WebHooks toolkit for crypto services.

And here's a comprehensive guide to GetBlock Tracker.

GetBlock Announces New Flow Blockchain Explorer

GetBlock is planning to collaborate with Flow on developing Flow blockchain explorer using cutting-edge web3 technology.

Flow is a first layer decentralized network and user- and developer-friendly blockchain developed by Canadian technology company Dapper Labs (the company behind CryptoKitties).
GetBlock Receives $70,000 Grant from Flow to Develop and Implement Flow Blockchain Explorer on GetBlock's World-Class Infrastructure.

GetBlock Meets The ETH Merge locked and loaded

GetBlock announces that The Merge was activated successfully on all of our Ethereum (ETH) nodes. In early September, 2022 we upgraded our software to ensure a seamless and smooth transition to Proof-of-Stake.

GetBlock Team is Going to Crypto Expo Dubai 2022

Our Team is attending this cryptocurrency event on October 5-6th, where GetBlock Team will be introducing all the amazing features of blockchain nodes.

Nodes Updated

This month the following nodes were updated on GetBlock:

To start using a shared node, please, register an account and get your API key which will be displayed on the dashboard together with the related data.

If you want to connect to a dedicated node of one of these or other blockchains, you can get them via your account or if you'd like a customized option feel free to contact one of our Business Development Managers.

Check out our Blog or join us on Twitter to stay informed about our announcements, as there are many to see ahead. We are looking forward to implementing new features and building new partnerships!

Stay tuned and don't forget about our discord 10% discount for our dedicated nodes pack.

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

October 3, 2022

4 min read