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Tezos Shared Node


Shared Node Specification


API Interface




Connection Speed

Tezos Price Chart

Built For Developers

Tezos API:
Battle-tested blockchain for innovative dApps


Tezos nodes by GetBlock: Fast and cost-efficient endpoints to Tezos

XTZ nodes are already leveraged by dozens of decentralized applications including on-chain games, DeFis, NFT marketplaces and so on. Collectible and NFT markets are high-priority use-cases for the platform.


Tezos nodes for NFTs: Inspiring alternative for new-gen creators

GetBlock, a leading Blockchain-as-a-Service provider, is ready to supercharge the next generation of NFT marketplaces with the connection to Tezos nodes. Due to its carbon-negative approach and super-low fees, the blockchain is attractive for digital artists: its Hic Et Nunc marketplace is one of the top platforms for NFTs.


Tezos &
Shared Nodes FAQs

What are the main features of Tezos?

How does Tezos implement the Proof of Stake algorithm?

What are the three levels of Tezos?

How smart contracts are implemented in Tezos?

Further development of Tezos