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Top Arbitrum Influencers on Twitter: Seven Accounts You Should Know

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

December 1, 2022

8 min read

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With understanding the complexity of the crypto market, comes the need to follow the right people that may help you learn more about the ever-changing, complicated, and highly technical topic. Here’s when crypto influencers can be quite handy: influencers provide useful and detailed updates on a regular basis.

No doubt, the community plays an important role in building a strong crypto ecosystem. Hence, blockchain-based projects pay much attention to their social media presence, emphasizing platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc.

In this article, the GetBlock team is going to focus on one of today’s most talked about blockchain platforms, Arbitrum, specifically Arbitrum’s top crypto influencers that have proven to be highly accessible and reliable resources of information for Arbitrum users.

What is Arbitrum?

Developed by the team of web3 veterans from OffCahin Labs, Arbitrum is a next-generation layer 2 solution for Ethereum-based dApps. Arbitrum employs optimistic rollup technology - a solution that rolls up transactions into compressed data sets and broadcasts them to the mainnet to verify computation results.

This way, Arbitrum can help scale ETH dApps for a much lower price and in a shorter period of time. At the time of writing, large numbers of DeFis, NFT markets, and on-chain games already utilize Arbitrum technology in order to reach higher performance and utility.

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Currently, there are two Arbitrum chains running in parallel. The “Arbitrum One” is the optimistic rollup chain, whereas “Arbitrum Nova” is an AnyTrust chain, which offers ultra-low transaction fees and posts data to the Data Availability Committee, rather than on-chain. Both chains enable Ethereum-level security and functionality.

Why are crypto influencers important?

First and foremost, crypto influencers are an accessible source of crypto-related information. Not only do they provide a great way of keeping track of the latest updates and trends in the web3 world, but they also help both newbies and professionals to engage in productive conversations, which may result in finding innovative solutions.

However, in a highly volatile environment, it is important to remember that not all people on the Internet can be trusted. Hence, users should not blindly follow unverified financial advisors and invest money in scam-like projects. At this stage, you are recommended to track down the history of the influencer to determine the legitimacy of this or that advisor.

That said, some crypto influencers offer valuable advice based on their personal needs and experience. We recommend doing your own research regardless of the type of crypto influencer you follow.

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Arbitrum community: top crypto influencers to check out

The influencers mentioned below share one simple goal: they dedicate their time and resources to providing the latest updates for the Arbitrum community. These people may come from different backgrounds and diverse experiences; however, the opinions they share on social media are most often taken into consideration by their followers and in some cases even by the representatives from the Arbitrum network themselves.



The first on our list is AndrewSaunders.eth (@andrewsaunders) - Arbitrum’s chief marketing officer and a popular crypto influencer on Twitter. This blogger engages in daily conversations with Arbitrum supporters and team members, posts about projects within the platform’s ecosystem, and encourages his followers to participate in networking events.

In addition to that, the blogger keeps up with updates from Arbitrum-related projects, including DeFis, Dexs, GameFis, and more.

Altcoinist.eth (@ProtocolUpdate)


Next up is Altcoinist.eth (@ProtocolUpdate) The blogger is a great source of the latest development news in the Arbitrum ecosystem. This Twitter influencer regularly discusses web3-related issues (focusing mainly on Arbitrum) with followers and crypto veterans.

What’s more, Altcoinist.eth gives his recommendations in the fields of GameFi, NFT minting, and much more.

Aylo (@alpha_pls)


Number three on our list is Aylo (@alpha_pls). This influencer is not only a crypto researcher and advisor but also the founder of the Alpha Please (@alphapleaseHQ) community on Twitter. He regularly posts the newest and most critical updates from the blockchain community, shares exclusive conversations with crypto experts and web3 developers, and chats with followers.

Aylo is a great source of technical advice and useful tips for crypto enthusiasts, with personal recommendations from the influencer.

Arbitrum Space (@Arbitrum_Space)


As the bio says, this Twitter page (@Arbitrum_Space) is dedicated to the freshest Arbitrum updates and news. Besides, followers can find out more about captivating opportunities and market insights within the protocol’s ecosystem.

Overall, Arbitrum Space is the ultimate source of information on all things regarding the Arbitrum network. With the help of this Arbitrum-dedicated page, you are guaranteed to not miss out on any important updates and the latest scoop.

ArbitrumNews DAO (@ArbitrumNewsDAO)


ArbitrumNews DAO (@ArbitrumNewsDAO) is a go-to information source for many Arbitrum enthusiasts. Not only is ArbitrumNews DAO a one-place spot for updates from all kinds of Arbitrum influencers and the Arbitrum core team, but also a regular giveaway host. This way, the page hopes to encourage conversations and spread the word about the protocol.

Hunter (@BFreshHB)


This influencer (@BFreshHB) is a big Arbitrum supporter. His page is filled with the valuable scoop and informative conversations about the network. In addition to his Twitter page, Hunter also has a Youtube channel, where he shares web3-related news and tackles crypto issues.

This influencer is not only focused on the technical aspects of the network. In addition to that, he also brings attention to cryptocurrency as a whole, via ways like street interviews, etc.

Nina Rong (@nina_rong)


Last on our list, but definitely not least, is Nina Rong (@nina_rong), Arbitrum’s partnership manager. Being a member of Arbitrum’s team, Nina has got the latest scoop on the network’s future plans and further development.

She regularly retweets posts containing the most crucial information regarding Arbitrum and engages in conversation with other influencers. Nina also shares her personal opinion on crypto-related matters.

Final thoughts

In the world of ever-changing trends, cryptocurrency remains a popular topic for many online conversations. Crypto influencers not only help bring attention to web3-related issues but also connect people from across the world with diverse opinions and experiences.

For platforms, like Arbitrum, crypto influencing is an important factor for growth and development. Arbitrum has emphasized the importance of a community-oriented approach by being open and transparent with its users.

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Deen Newman

Deen Newman

December 1, 2022

8 min read