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Top Influencers on Polygon: Representing Community Voices



December 7, 2022

7 min read

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A crucial component of long-term success is based on building strong communication with users as well as providing constant updates and detailed explanations of new features.

The absolute majority of blockchain platforms have a community of enthusiasts associated with them. Most are based on social media sites, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. These communities are there to share and discuss ideas, bring attention to crypto technology, and combine efforts and experiences in order to build a better future for a specific Web3 product.

In this guide, the GetBlock team identifies top Twitter influencers for the Polygon Network. Polygon has always highlighted the importance of a community-oriented approach within the crypto sphere. The influencers we mention below are reliable and significant sources of information within the Polygon community.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform. Polygon supports all Ethereum tooling mechanisms existing today and enables fast and cheap transactions. Introduced in 2017, Polygon’s initial aim of offloading the Ethereum mainnet has now grown into a solution that utilizes sidechains for off-chain computation with its own Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus rules. These sidechains are public, permissionless, and capable of supporting multiple protocols.

Polygon’s SDK demonstrates full compatibility with Ethereum, meanwhile, Polygon’s own token MATIC remains in the top ten most popular coins according to their market capitalization. Polygon blockchain nodes are an important component in deploying various types of decentralized applications (DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, CEX, and others).

N.B. What is a decentralized application (dApp)? Check out GetBlock’s guide here

Influencing on Polygon

Coming from different backgrounds and experiences, Polygon influencers provide the latest updates on the most significant events within the Polygon ecosystem and enable the possibility of productive conversations within the Polygon community.

Additionally, some influencers offer personal advice and tips; however, GetBlock strongly recommends doing your own research before following any advice. Please, make sure the information comes from a professional and reliable source.

Influencing is exceptionally important for the crypto industry. We have gathered a list of top Polygon influencers that have shown their dedication to the Polygon community over time.

Top Polygon influencers

Let’s dive into the world of Polygon influencing – in no particular order, we are going to shout out several Twitter accounts that, in our opinion, deserve a push on the follow button.

Polygon Daily


Polygon Daily offers daily updates on the Polygon Network and Polygon-based projects. In addition, users can also sign up for a weekly newsletter from Polygon Daily.

What’s more, Polygon Daily updates users on top gainers within the Polygon ecosystem, which could be interesting for crypto enthusiasts looking for projects to invest in, and compares Polygon development with other popular blockchain projects.

Polygon | $MATIC News


Similarly to the previous influencer, this Twitter page is dedicated solely to Polygon news.

Polygon | $MATIC News also helps emerging Polygon-based projects find their audience.

This account is a great one-place stop for all things Polygon, as it mainly collects and reposts tweets from the Polygon team or big influencers.

Shodipo Ayomide


Shodipo Ayomide is a big supporter of Polygon and a huge Web3 enthusiast. This influencer regularly updates his followers on new developments within the Polygon ecosystem. What’s more, this Twitter page is a great source of tips and advice for both crypto newbies and professionals.

Shodipo Ayomide is passionate about increasing Polygon adoption, hence why he participates at various crypto events, where he helps to promote the benefits of implementing Polygon solutions into Web3 products.

Web3 Market Insight


This influencer not only posts regular Twitter updates on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but also has his own news aggregator resource at Iftikhar Post. Here, Twitter users can catch up with updates within the Polygon ecosystem, including the $MATIC token.

In addition, NFT creators can find lots of useful information and articles regarding Polygon’s NFT implementation, and so on.

Polygon DeFi


Polygon DeFi is a Twitter news source dedicated to DeFi projects within the Polygon ecosystem. Here, users can find out information about emerging DeFi products, chat with developers and so much more.

On top of that, Polygon DeFi hosts regular Discord and Twitter events, where developers and regular users can communicate with each other and come up with new ideas and innovative discoveries.

Bonus: Polygon management board

Now that we have shared our list of Polygon-dedicated accounts, we feel it is important to mention that no source can be more reliable than the project development team itself. Here are some pages you might find interesting:

Ryan Wyatt - CEO at Polygon Studios

Twitter - @Fwiz


Sandeep Nailwal - Polygon co-founder

Twitter - @sandeepnailwal


Mihailo Bjelic - Polygon co-founder

Twitter - @MihailoBjelic


Jaynti Kanani - Polygon co-founder

Twitter - @jdkanani


Anurag Arjun - Polygon co-founder

Twitter - @anuragarjun


Honorable mentions

These Twitter accounts are consistent and reputable Polygon news aggregators, which you might want to check out as well.

Polygon Space

Twitter - @Polygon_Space1


Polygon Times

Twitter - @Polygon_Times


Polygon DAO

Twitter - @0xPolygonDAO



In this guide, we have gathered a list of several prominent Twitter influencers for Polygon. These accounts not only provide reliable and easily accessible news but also spark conversations between Web3 enthusiasts by sharing diverse opinions and advice. This is, hands down, a major benefit of building and following a community-oriented roadmap, like Polygon does.

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December 7, 2022

7 min read