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How To Choose a Blockchain Node Provider? Guide by GetBlock



August 10, 2022

5 min read

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Web3 technology is a complex mechanism requiring knowledge of programming skills and in many cases - thorough experience. Node providers work as a gateway for web3 developers through which it is possible to launch blockchain-based products in a fast and easy way.

What are blockchain nodes?

Simply put, blockchain nodes are geographically distributed elements of blockchain infrastructure used to validate and keep track of transactions. As many are familiar with, a blockchain is composed of numerous blocks of data. Computing devices of various capacities, also known as nodes, store and maintain these data blocks.

Each node contains an identical copy of the blockchain history. Depending on the type of node the history stored on the device can be either full or current.

Blockchain Network

Usually, a blockchain operates on multiple nodes. They are able to synchronize and validate each other’s on-chain activity. Nodes are also responsible for rejecting false data inclusions and ensuring the proper functioning of a blockchain consensus algorithm.

What is a blockchain node provider?

Blockchain node providers offer access to node infrastructure, which is intended to communicate complex messages in order to reach a single goal, without the need to run your own node. Besides, nodes hosted by a professional development team guarantee full-time reliability, scalability, top-notch security, uptime, and consistency.

A blockchain node provider is a flexible and resource-efficient tool for web3 developers to implement custom APIs, obtain access to multiple blockchains, and help save time and money.

Setting your own node may be a tedious process for some, in particular beginners in blockchain technology. Blockchain node providers take the weight of complicated engineering and the expenses that come with it off the customer’s shoulders.

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Top qualities of a blockchain node provider

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make a good blockchain node provider.


A good blockchain node provider maintains 24/7 reliable access to the node infrastructure. A few minutes of downtime may result in losing money and customers. It is extremely important to pay attention to node services that are able to provide full-time coverage even under the most challenging circumstances.


Scalability is a key element of a good node provider. The more scalable a node is, the fewer resources it takes to handle massive heaps of workload. High throughput (total volume of TPS) guarantees greater user experience and faster growth for your future decentralized application.

Node types

Nodes differ in their types. Normally, there are at least three kinds of nodes: full, light, and archive. A good node provider gives access to full blockchain history (archive nodes), therefore it is a crucial factor to check when choosing a node provider.

Network availability

Access to various ecosystems is another important quality required for a top-tier node provider. Web3 developers want to look for a blockchain-as-a-service platform that supports various leading networks. The more functionality your node provider has, the better opportunities you get as a developer, e.g. you may be able to run your dApp across multiple chains and expand your business in the future.


Last but not least, pay attention to the roadmap of the blockchain node provider you are choosing. Roadmaps not only help determine the current state of the platform and how it expanded throughout the years but also whether the node provider has future goals similar to what you may be looking for.

GetBlock - a pioneer blockchain node provider to supercharge your web3 business

Launched in 2019, GetBlock is currently one of the market’s leading providers of top-notch blockchain technology for web3 developers. GetBlock clients get access to over 40 leading networks, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB Smart Chain, Cardano, Optimism, Algorand, Polygon, etc.

A multinational team of blockchain experts, GetBlock makes running nodes easy. GetBlock not only does the monotonous part of the job for you, but it also provides security, reliability, and scalability - the top three most important qualities of a good node provider.

Getblock blockchain node provider

GetBlock offers access to Shared and Dedicated nodes. The difference between these two solutions is imprinted in their core functionality. As for Shared nodes, clients share node infrastructure with their peers by experimenting with dApps under realistic conditions. Dedicated nodes, on the other hand, are privately designed nodes intended to help your dApp experience hyper-growth. Besides, GetBlock also offers node clusters for web3 products requiring the highest level of scalability.

GetBlock does not require knowledge of programming languages, meaning that beginners can start working with the service immediately. Additionally, the user-friendly interface allows new clients to communicate with the platform effortlessly. GetBlock understands the importance of product value, hence why the services are fairly priced and there are regular discounts available.

With GetBlock, you have the perks of complex engineering with no headache. What’s more, GetBlock’s 24/7 responsive support is ready to tackle any emergency and answer your questions - in addition to developer docs already available on the platform.

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August 10, 2022

5 min read