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GetBlock Starts Providing Access to Arbitrum Nodes APIs: Details



March 15, 2022

3 min read

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Arbitrum, a novel Layer-Two scalability solution for Ethereum (ETH) network, is now available for all dApps of GetBlock’s clients.

Welcome to the club, Arbitrum

Fresh off the press: starting from March 2022, GetBlock’s ecosystem of shared and dedicated nodes supports Arbitrum, a high-performance network for off-chain computations on the top of Ethereum (ETH).

We rolled out both shared and dedicated nodes for the Arbitrum solution. Our shared nodes - an entry-level solution with the lowest prices - is available through JSON RPC and WebSockets methods.

We utilize v1.2.1 nodes software; our shared nodes for Arbitrum are available at 1GB/sec speed. On average, they are available with 99,99% uptime.

Dedicated nodes for Arbitrum mainnet are also available for unlimited requests. For your need, we can also enable connection to archive nodes of Arbitrum. Our dedicated nodes are using 16-thread CPUs with 64 GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD hard drives; an unmatched speed of 1 GBit/s is available for every port.

Be the first to explore the performance and resource-efficiency of Ethereum L2s: join our limited Arbitrum nodes promo campaign:

New Arbitrum APIs users are eligible for two lucrative offers:
40,000 free requests for Arbitrum shared nodes: start building on Arbitrum for free!
2+1: order the Arbitrum dedicated node for two months, and use it for three months!

Here’s how Arbitrum nodes work on GetBlock

GetBlock’s engineers created a demo to display the operations of our Arbitrum endpoint. It is available on ReplIt, so feel free to experiment with it.

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In this demo, GetBlock’s client can check the number of last blocks confirmed by the Arbitrum network. API_KEY is the unique identificator of the GetBlock client.

The following endpoint is checked in the mentioned demo:

What is Arbitrum, and why is it crucial for Web3?

Arbitrum is among the most advanced implementations of Optimistic Rollups scaling technology for Ethereum (ETH). Rollups allow moving some computations off-chain to reduce pressure on Ethereum’s mainnet.

Rollups allow broadcasting data about multiple transactions to Ethereum (ETH) in a single data set. Thus, transactions took place on Arbitrum while their verification is confirmed by Ethereum’s hashrate.

Arbitrum utilizes its own virtual machine, an AVM which is fully EVM-compatible. Arbitrum launch is an amazing milestone for us: it allows us to deploy your dApps at low costs but without sacrificing their security.

To start working with the most inspiring Ethereum’s L2l, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer success team in Telegram.



March 15, 2022

3 min read