Earlier this week, Ethereum-based layer two solution Arbitrum deployed Arbitrum Nova, designed for social applications and GameFi development. At the time of writing, the Arbitrum Total Value Locked is reaching over $1.88 billion, according to L2BEAT, which makes Arbitrum the largest Ethereum-based second-layer network in terms of TVL at the moment.

What is Arbitrum Nova?

Not unlike Arbitrum One, launched by New York-based development firm Offchain Labs, Arbitrum Nova is intended to help creators tackle scalability, privacy, and speed-related issues. However, the new chain is tailored for building social applications and gaming, whereas the initial Arbitrum chain still focuses on DeFi and NFT projects.

Arbitrum offers faster transactions, lower fees, and robust Ethereum-based security benefits for Web3 developers. By implementing a unique optimistic rollup technology, users are provided with full access to the EVM environment.

Arbitrum Nova, now live on mainnet, utilizes the AnyTrust technology introduced in early 2022 and intended to deliver extra low transaction costs - this being the key difference between the new technology and Optimistic Rollup on Arbitrum One.

Developers can already test out the new technology on the Arbitrum’s chain. The two parallel Arbitrum chains now work together, offering a much broader list of use cases for blockchain developers.

How can developers utilize Artbitrum Nova?

Since Arbitrum Nova was only launched a few days ago, public access is still closed. Anyone interested in checking out the platform can apply via this link. Arbitrum Nova will be open to the broader masses in approximately 14 days, according to the development team.

During the testing period, developers can experiment with the new Arbitrum nodes and deploy decentralized applications in gaming and/or social networking spheres.

GetBlock’s blockchain nodes for Arbitrum

GetBlock’s blockchain nodes for Arbitrum
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Arbitrum shared nodes offer battle-tested technical infrastructure for high-performance dApps. GetBlock clients can now deploy reliable API endpoints to Arbitrum by utilizing the peer-shared node architecture.

Arbitrum dedicated nodes are designed to meet the specific needs of every client. GetBlock guarantees a seamless and fast connection to the blockchain node API. Privately tailored nodes for Arbitrum provide an all-in-one solution for successful dApp deployment.

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