New explorer by GetBlock allows everyone to track the most important events and metrics of NEAR Protocol via a newbie-friendly dashboard.

NEAR Protocol explorer by GetBlock is live: Why is this crucial?

Team of GetBlock, a top-tier provider of blockchain nodes APIs, announced that its first-ever out-of-a-box blockchain explorer is now available for the general public. NEAR Protocol is the first smart contracts platform to receive its explorer by GetBlock.

The new instrument was released in mainnet on July 12, 2022. Just like top mainstream explorers for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB Chain, NEAR’s explorer by GetBlock allows crypto enthusiasts to browse the network in seamless and straightforward manner.

GetBlock’s NEAR explorer demonstrates both basic (transaction details, block number, account balance) and advanced (validator statistics, staking details, and so on) data about the events in NEAR Protocol.

Release of NEAR’s explorer became possible due to the collaboration between GetBlock and NEAR Foundation: in Q1, 2022 GetBlock was awarded an ecosystem grant by NEAR.

NEAR explorer launch is a crucial milestone for GetBlock in terms of massive adoption of its BaaS solutions: it will make NEAR operations more transparent and understandable for newbies.

More explorers by GetBlock to come

For NEAR, this release is of paramount importance as well: GetBlock’s explorer unlocks new opportunities in terms of visibility and user-friendliness.

GetBlock is ready to change the narrative in explorers’ segment: its expertise in working with blockchain nodes can supercharge the next generation of sophisticated Web3 products for B2B and B2C use-cases.

In coming weeks, GetBlock is going to unveil the details of its next partnership that addresses building blockchain explorer from scratch. As such, building a family of reliable, accurate, fast explorers with intuitive interfaces is among key focus areas for GetBlock in 2022.