GetBlock, a top-tier blockchain nodes APIs provider, has received a development grant from Near Foundation. This funding will fuel the creation of a user-friendly explorer for NEAR Protocol.

GetBlock receives NEAR Development grant, teases explorer release

Team of GetBlock nodes APIs provider is beyond thrilled to share an update on its long-term strategic partnership with NEAR Foundation. In Q1, 2022, GetBlock received a development grant from this Swiss-based non-profit behind NEAR Protocol.

The grant will be used to supercharge the research and development of an explorer for NEAR Protocol. New service will act as a newbie-friendly decentralized browser for NEAR Protocol; it will be able to demonstrate all information about blocks, transactions, accounts, and so on.

The upcoming release of GetBlock’s explorer for NEAR Protocol will push the barriers of its ecosystem’s transparency and user-friendliness. GetBlock, in its turn, is going to strengthen its position as a leading BaaS vendor of the Web3 scene.

NEAR Foundation Grants Program was launched in November, 2021. Net amount of funds allocated for this unmatched initiative totals $800 million.

GetBlock NEAR shared and dedicated nodes are ready to on-board dApps

Also, GetBlock rolled out a full-stack node ecosystem for NEAR Protocol. Near-centric developers are able to deploy their application using both shared and dedicated nodes by GetBlock.

Near mainnet can be reached through JSON-RPC method with 99,5 percent average uptime (as of May, 2022). For NEAR Protocol dedicated nodes, GetBlock team utilizes high-performance servers located in Europe, Asia, and in the U.S.

NEAR Protocol nodes are available for unlimited requests at 1GBit/sec speed.

Besides NEAR, GetBlock offers secure and reliable connection to 40+ blockchains as well as consulting and explorers development services.