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GetBlock Records: Report on All Our Endeavors in October 2021



November 2, 2021

5 min read

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October went out with a bang! And it means that time has come to count our chickens. We do have a lot of news – starting from multiple updates, Chinese expansion, blog overhaul, new partnership announcement, and ending with our very own spooky sale. Buckle up!

Introducing new support system for Chinese customers: Weibo, Wechat & Twitter

We expanded upon our multilingual customer support services in the last couple of weeks, adding the Chinese language to the list. Therefore, you can now find us on Weibo and Wechat in addition to all the other platforms. And if you know your way around VPN services, our Chinese-speaking Twitter account is also up and running. Check them all out!

We took great pride in our support systems & our team. Whether you are one of the existing clients and partners or a lurking newcomer – do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance.

Also, if the matter is urgent, you can always direct all questions you may have to our Telegram in whatever language you are comfortable with – we will do our best to help you out.

Node updates: Polkadot's new version has arrived

Earlier in the month, Polkadot (DOT) came out with a new upgrade (version v0.9.11). And since this release introduced a database migration, we were quick on our feet to follow through.

To start using a node, please, create an account and get your personal API key.

User-friendly generation of endpoints

Recently we added a new, much simpler, and straightforward way to generate endpoints. Just open your API Key settings, click on "Generate Endpoint", choose between mainnet and testnet networks, select the required API interface (JSON-RPC, REST or WS), and your endpoint will be automatically generated in the same tab. Copy the appeared address with your API key inserted and you can start building. Easy! Although, you still can do it the old way, if so choose to.

And if you run into any troubles, don’t shy away from checking out our guides. They are always up to date and full of detailed instructions.

Blog update: bringing forward better navigation

Additionally, we introduced a new design feature into our blog, which with a slight change in the layout significantly simplified the whole navigation process.

And since people scan web pages in an F pattern, transition to a top-heavy grid system seems to be positioned well in that regard. This facilitates a vertical scanning direction (yay, lists), greatly improves speed, and also requires fewer visual fixations so you can now see multiple navigation links at the same time.

Moreover, we also classified all our articles into six categories in hopes to make a search for the right one easier. Those categories are as follows: Market News, Tutorials, Development, Blockchain, Market News, Partnership.

What do you think about it, have you checked them out already?

New partnership alert

In October we also expanded upon our base of partners, welcoming Noft Games into our tight circle of friends.

Noft Games is a cosmic battle-royal show based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), it is a one-stop GameFi ecosystem with its own NFT marketplace.

As part of our collaboration, we provide them with access to our BSC nodes for Noft Games’ largest competition of this year, i.e. Noft Games Cup 2021, where players can collect nofts, enjoy their battles, and trade them.

With our BSC node, this highly anticipated competition will be transparent and observable, which guarantees its players a fair, user-friendly, and transparent GameFi experience.

Halloween at GetBlock

This year we also held our very own spooktacular sale full of threats, ghoulish discounts, and with just a touch of tricks.

For four straight days, from October 28 till November 2, we offered a special deal for all our request packages: whether it was 500K or 10M, they all were doubled thanks to our marketing spell.

Sadly, it is now gone. But don't be discouraged, there will be more to come.

Spoiler alert: we do have something special cooking for the upcoming months, so don't look away for too long.



November 2, 2021

5 min read