GetBlock, a top-tier API nodes provider for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (ex-Matic), Ethereum and 40+ blockchains, has entered into a partnership with Noft Games.

GetBlock supports Noft Games Cup 2021 as BSC nodes API vendor

Leading BaaS provider GetBlock announced it becomes an official partner of Noft Games, a red-hot BSC-based NFT-centric game.

As a first step of this collaboration, GetBlock will provide its Binance Smart Chain node for Noft Games’s largest competition of this year, i.e. Noft Games Cup 2021.

With GetBlock’s BSC node, all transactions authorized by the participants of this much-anticipated competition, will be transparent and visible. As such, Noft Games Cup 2021 will guarantee its players user-friendly, fair and transparent GameFi experience.

Representatives of both teams are excited about the prospects of this partnership for GameFi segment and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem in particular.

Introducing Noft Games Cup 2021

As explained by Noft Games team members, the organizers are going to on-board 128 participants; this number can be easily increased to 256. Players can register via the official Discord server of Noft Games.

The tournament will include three stages, i.e. Qualification, Main Round and Sandbox. After Qualification, 50% of users with the highest scores will go to the Main Round. Other players will compete in the Sandbox.

In the Main Round, three winners will share the amazing prize fund of 3 Binance Coins (BNB) in total. At press time, 3 BNB is equal to almost $1,400 on major spot trading platforms.

Sandbox players will compete for the partners’ bonuses.

Noft Games is a one-stop GameFi ecosystem with its own NFT marketplace. Noft Games cards are available for 0.15 BNB minimum while ‘Random’ NFTs can be obtained for 0.35 BNB.