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GetBlock Records: Our Progress and Endeavors in August 2022



September 1, 2022

6 min read

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Let's take a look at this month's results that GetBlock Team has achieved. It is always useful to know what updates have taken place in the company, so keep calm and walk through this August journey with us.

Doubled Rate Limits

This month brought a new option to double your rate limits for an Unlimited package and get a twice higher throughput.

A rate limit is the number of API calls that an app can make within a given period. Rate limits for our shared nodes are usually set to a maximum of 30 requests/second.

Now if you have a heavy workload and our current limits aren’t enough for you to accelerate your dApp performance, you can get 60 requests/second, contact our team to find out the details about the offer.

Why would you need a higher rate limit? For instance, to get information from the blockchain faster and deliver twice more blockchain events to your users or to scale your project and get a competitive advantage.

Banner Doubled RPC

Cardstack Web3 Watch Podcast x GetBlock

This August GetBlock got to participate in a fireside chat by Cardstack where Cardstack's Founding Director Chris Tse and GetBlock’s Chief Business Development Officer Aziz Amer Tash discussed the different node types GetBlock provides and its vision for the larger Web3 ecosystem.

Here’s a more detailed description of the topics that were talked about during the podcast:

  • API in GetBlock’s infrastructure
  • Supported networks in GetBlock
  • GetBlock’s ecosystem
  • Development migration paths
  • GetBlock VS other providers
  • Web3 payment options
  • Plans for Web3 expansion
  • Use cases
  • Pre-built data services

And here’s a link to the Podcast itself on YouTube

AMA session Near Pay x GetBlock Explorer

Also an AMA session was held this August between GetBlock Explorer and NearPay.

Ivan Ilin, COO of NearPay, was invited to a Twitter Spaces session. Ivan talked about NearPay partnerships, hottest plans and answered community questions.

You can find a wholesome written recap of the AMA on our Publish0x blog, but here’s a fast description of what questions were covered:

Ivan Ilin told us the mission, vision, values of Near Pay, it’s main features, what countries is it available in and why, he mentioned the latest collaborations of the project, and some of the best parts of Near Pay community
Read the recap to find out about the full block of questions.

You can also subscribe to GetBlock’s Newsletter so you don't miss events like this one in the future.

BitTorrent Integration

Today BitTorrent Chain is not only the largest peer-to-peer network, it is the foundation of Web3 and one of the largest global communities on the Internet. Proof that the technology is more relevant and powerful than ever, now powered by the power of blockchain. And that is why GetBlock couldn’t pass by without integrating with the Network.

Now BitTorrent shared and dedicated nodes are available for GetBlock Clients via API.

Partnership PinkSale x GetBlock

PinkSale is a launchpad that helps everyone to create their own tokens and token sales in just a few seconds. Tokens created on PinkSale will be verified and published on explorer websites. GetBlock empowers the work of Pink Ecosystem the project by supplying it with blockchain nodes.

TON (The Open Network) Integration

GetBlock, a leading Blockchain-as-a-Service platform GetBlock and the TON (The Open Network) are pleased to announce their long-awaited integration. Launched in 2018 as the Telegram Open Network, the platform is able to handle different types of decentralized applications thanks to its efficient and complex ecosystem. And now GetBlock adds TON to the list of networks it supports.

You can check out the full article with the news.

Video Tutorials on How to Connect to Nodes via GetBlock

This month three new videos have been released on our official YouTube channel:

  • How to Connect to Algorand (ALGO) Node? Explained by GetBlock
  • How to Connect to Zcash (ZEC) Node? Explained by GetBlock

They are made as step-by-step guides that will definitely help you to connect to our nodes easily within only 5 minutes.

Check out our Blog or join us on Twitter to be informed about our announcements.

Stay tuned and keep upgrowing with GetBlock!
Nodes Updated
The following nodes were updated in August:

To start using a shared node, please, register an account and get your API key which will be displayed on the dashboard together with the related data.

If you want to connect to a dedicated node of one of these or other blockchains, you can get them via your account or if you'd like a customized option feel free to contact one of our Business Development Managers.

Check out our Blog or join us on Twitter to stay informed about our announcements, as there are many to see ahead. We are looking forward to implementing new features and building new partnerships!



September 1, 2022

6 min read