Blockchain-as-a-Service provider GetBlock and TON network are excited to announce their long-awaited integration. Introduced in 2018 and formerly known as The Telegram Open Network, the platform is capable of handling various types of decentralized applications, thanks to its efficient and well-thought-out ecosystem.

GetBlock adds TON to its list of supported networks

Despite its rocky past, the project has evolved into a successful network with a huge number of daily visitors. TON is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain offering low fees and a user-friendly environment.

TON official website homepage

Source: TON

Not only is the network focused on delivering high scalability, but it can also be easily sharded, thanks to its unique infrastructure. According to dev docs, the platform’s so-called masterchains are designed to store blockchain data whereas work- and shardchains are in charge of providing the network’s maintenance. Therefore, each chain is responsible for its own task and the blockchain is able to reach top-notch throughput.

What’s more, the platform’s native token Toncoin is used to handle all fees and costs associated with the blockchain.
In late 2021 TON launched bridges to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. As of 2022, TON has been listed on the top crypto exchanges, the project has come out with TON Nominators, DeFi, API, DNS, Payments, etc. Thus, the network’s users can be expecting more exciting projects in the future, including a crosschain with Bitcoin and Ethereum Virtual Machine.

GetBlock hosts TON blockchain nodes

GetBlock, a pioneer blockchain node provider for over 40 networks, adds support for TON blockchain nodes. Users have an option to select between shared and dedicated nodes, as well as have node clusters exclusively developed for them.

TON’s node infrastructure consists of lite, full, and archive nodes - each intended to play a key role in the overall maintenance of the network. The platform’s 2^60 cross-shards can be incorporated with near-instant speed and a six-second finality. In comparison to its main competitors, Solana and the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0, TON guarantees cutting-edge flexibility starting right now.

How can web3 developers utilize TON nodes?

GetBlock clients can leverage web3-driven technology with the help of TON while receiving 24/7 online support and constantly saving their time and money on unnecessary stress and fees.
Shared nodes are the perfect beginner solution for first-entry projects. Developers can experiment with their products under realistic conditions and provide the best-suited conditions for a successful dApp launch.
Dedicated nodes for TON are privately designed nodes backed up with an unlimited number of requests, a variety of server locations, and last but not least, unique node architecture tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements.

GetBlock guarantees resource-efficient solutions and fair prices for all customers.