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GetBlock Records: March 2021

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

April 1, 2021

5 min read

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We expanded our team and, together with new members, had done a remarkable job developing the project. We put a lot of effort into the service, to make it more reliable and user-friendly. And all this has not gone unnoticed by our partners, clients, and the media: in the past month we performed several valuable updates, had new promising collaborations, were mentioned by the industry media, and much more.

In April we plan not to slow down and work on the development and promotion of the project.

Functional updates

The main news is the updated Account or the so-called GetBlock Dashboard. Now you can operate with GetBlock quickly and easily and make necessary requests with any of your keys (no need for independent ones).
We also added tips in the Account interface to ease the work with it.
With the updated personal section, GetBlock users have the following options:

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of API keys;
  • Set limits for an API key;
  • See the current number of available requests;
  • See the time when the next free requests are credited;
  • Delete unnecessary API keys;
  • Analyze requests analytics.

Using the new statistics tab, you can track which way requests were spent. Data for each node is also available.

We have also updated the Docs section in the users' personal accounts. It contains technical data about API methods (JSON-RPC, REST, WebSockets, etc.), API keys, and authentication. Now the section has been improved to include the latest versions of documents. Here you can find API Docs for all nodes that GetBlock provides.
The new tab of the Docs section is Postman Collection. It contains all the available endpoints of our nodes that will help you to get a quick access to the nodes you are requiring.

In March, we started to provide dedicated nodes. Unlike shared nodes (which are used by several people), a dedicated node belongs only to you. This gives unlimited possibilities in terms of speed and the number of requests: the limits depend only on the server capabilities. Take full advantage of the blockchain and pay for a dedicated server once a month! Contact us to learn more and get a personalized payment plan.

New nodes

In March, we added the Symbol (XYM) node on the mainnet (the XYM node on testnet had been added earlier). Our company has been cooperating with the project for a long time, and recently we were officially announced as a NEM ecosystem part.

To start using a node, please, register an account and get your personal API key which will be displayed on the dashboard together with the related data.

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Let us know if you would like your node to be launched and maintained by GetBlock. We are glad to cooperate with blockchain-based projects, and we will do our best to add the requested node to our platform.

Node Version Updates

The following nodes had their versions updated:


In collaboration with media platform, we wrote a detailed review about blockchain. It explains the concept of nodes, the problems with deploying one, and the working principle of node service providers.
Coinjoy, the cryptocurrency media platform, published an article that refers to our support of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) nodes. We added the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) node to our platform in February, and now we are pursuing cooperation with Binance.

Partnerships & Collaborations

We were among the sponsors of the Start HACK hackathon that took place online. START Hack unites coders, designers, and business students; to take part in it, programming skills not required. Participants learn about the founding and running startups, using the ecosystem, profiling, and transforming ideas into business cases.

GetBlock has also been officially recognized as a provider of Ethereum and Monero. They both added us to the list of trustworthy node providers.

In March, we launched a collaboration with Horizen (ZEN). It is a secure business and development platform to create real-world applications. Now we provide their nodes and recently they’ve talked about GetBlock on their podcast.

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Special Offer

Despite all the high-profile successes, we continue to provide affordable prices and offer attractive bonuses. In April, a good offer is still valid for all customers: when you buy one node package, you get the second one of the same for free.

For example, if you buy the $200 package with 50M requests, you will get 100M. Requests can't expire – you can use them any time you need.

To get started and use the offer, register your account on GetBlock and jump to the dashboard.

Check out the GetBlock blog or join us on Twitter to stay informed about our announcements, as there are many to see ahead. We are looking forward to implementing new features and building new partnerships!

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

April 1, 2021

5 min read