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⚡ Dedicated Nodes for ETH, BSC, MATIC & other Blockchains at a Reduced Price!

Block Explorers:
Under Development gear

The GetBlock team is working on the development of blockchain explorers for the industry leading projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum or BNB Smart Chain. If you want us to launch a block explorer for your project, we would be glad to cooperate with you.


Wide variety

We aim to support as many blockchains as possible to cover a great deal of users.


Within easy reach

Will provide better visibility of all available blockchain assets and transactions in one space.


Won’t stop on that!

We’re actively developing new products and features to have our customers fully equipped.

What is a Block Explorer?

A block explorer is a tool that provides detailed analytics for the entire blockchain of the required network, including hash rate, wallet addresses, the most recently mined blocks, transaction data, and so on. Its main task is to use nodes to interact with the network and retrieve all blockchain data and store it in easily searchable database tables.

Stay tuned to our news and updates on the product launch!