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GetBlock Offers BaaS Infrastructure for All Major Trends of 2022: Details



May 19, 2022

3 min read

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While euphoria around non-fungible tokens is still nowhere near its ending, new trends are gaining steam in a Web3 sphere. GetBlock, a high-performance blockchain infrastructure vendor, is ready to support heavy-hitting teams in crypto with reliable and powerful nodes.

GetBlock for NFT marketplaces

Marketplaces for non-fungible tokens or NFTs should be referred to as ecosystems for minting, storage, trading, exchanging and (sometimes) collateralization and staking of digital collectibles.

Powerful technical basis is necessary for top-tier NFTs marketplaces as they handle huge transactional pressure and serve millions of users. For instance, NFT major OpenSea smashed through 1,5 million active users milestone in late Q1, 2022.

GetBlock provides fast and cost-efficient shared and dedicated nodes for all smart contract platforms crucial for the NFTs segment including the likes of Ethereum (ETH), Polygon Network (MATIC), BNB Chain (BNB), and so on.

GetBlock’s infrastructure ensures low-latency trading of NFTs for beginners and professionals; this is particularly important for NFT airdrops and overhyped releases.

GetBlock for Move-to-Earn

With the hype around Stepn (GMT), the euphoria of Move-to-Earn products took over the markets. Move-to-Earn refers to a class of products that compensates users for their physical activity; running, doing yoga, jogging, and so on. Such applications have very low entry barriers: no previous cryptocurrency experience is required to start earning passive income with Move-to-Earn.

Technically, Move-to-Earn is all about microtransactions. In the segment, dApps need to send their users thousands of small transactions in a lightning-fast manner to ensure fair, inclusive and democratic participation.

As such, in Move-to-Earn, the reliability and high bandwidth of connection to blockchain nodes are sensitive to the business model itself. GetBlock’s stack of dedicated nodes is able to address the issues here: its clients can send unlimited rewards to nodes at 1 GB/sec speed per every port activated.

GetBlock for SocialFi

What DeFis made for banks, SocialFi applications are going to make for social media platforms. Through a set of blockchain-based instruments, SocialFi apps allow users to monetize their content, interact with each other, and earn crypto through marketing integrations.

Also, SocialFi applications are going to address major censorship and centralization issues that plagued Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Just like Move-to-Earn protocols, SocialFi apps prioritize microtransactions: they serve as a crypto-backed analogs of likes and upvotes. Also, SocialFi apps should be flexible and adjustable.

GetBlock looks like a one-stop solution for all mentioned puzzles: its ecosystem of low-cost shared nodes can provide a reliable and resource-efficient technical basis for experiments and stress-tests for SocialFi dApps.

That said, GetBlock’s powerful, flexible and cost-efficient multi-blockchain ecosystem of shared and dedicated nodes can support dApps in all red-hot segments in 2022.



May 19, 2022

3 min read