GetBlock is thrilled to announce that it has been chosen by Nice1 startup as EOS node access provider.

Selling your loot on blockchain: What is Nice1?

Nice1 team is tasked with the democratization of trading of gaming-specific assets. It harnesses EOS.IO open-source software by for setting up one-for-all accounts for game licenses and in-game assets.

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With the solutions by Nice1, gamers will be able to exchange game skins, loot boxes, and in-game weapons using nothing but their addresses in the EOS public chain. All these items will be transferred either as non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) on top of EOS, so the entire procedure will be seamless and decentralized.

Besides upgrading gamers’ experience, Nice1 will introduce unmatched opportunities for game developers, and for the game publishing brands.

Nice1 project has also announced the release of its first-ever own NFT that will provide its holders with access to exclusive giveaways and promotions.

Powered by EOS, connected by GetBlock

EOS blockchain is one of the first-gen smart contracts platforms utilized by the plethora of gaming-focused decentralized applications.

Previously, Nice1 devs planned to run its own EOS node but then it was decided to focus on development, CEO and COO Nils L. notes:

Starting to work with the GetBlock API service has facilitated our first steps of development in the EOS network.
Initially, we had in mind to set up our own EOS node but by starting to work with the GetBlock platform we have been able to save time and infrastructure, which has allowed us to focus 100% on the development of our applications and plugins.
We are very happy to have discovered this service and above all with the support received by the team as well as the good direct communication they give us in everything we need.

Also, the project team is sure that GetBlock solutions for various blockchains will be useful for Nice1 scaling and technical progress. By press time, the project successfully revealed its MVP and now it is on track to first releases, namely, NICE1 plugin and NFT.