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Ethereum’s L2 Arbitrum Network Activates Nitro Upgrade

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

September 3, 2022

2 min read

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Arbitrum, a largest Ethereum’s second-layer solution by total value locked (TVL), finally migrated to an upgraded codebase. What changed for Arbitrum Network with Nitro?

Arbitrum finally activates its much-anticipated upgrade Nitro

According to the statement shared by Arbitrum’s co-founder Steven Goldfeder in Twitter, Arbitrum One network finally migrated to Nitro mechanism.

This migration coincided with the first anniversary of Arbitrum mainnet release. Nitro is the most sensitive upgrade to Arbirum nodes so far.

Largely, it is designed to dramatically increase the throughput, cross-layer compatibility, cost-efficiency and reliability of Arbitrum’s operations. By Q4, 2022, Arbitrum nodes are utilized by 103 decentralized applications, as per DefiLlama tracker.

Arbitrum nodes performance to see a boost

With Nitro upgrade activated, actual throughput of its nodes will spike 7x-10x compared to previous benchmark levels. Also, Arbitrum now supports advanced data compression to streamline data transfer processes.

Its interoperability with Ethereum’s Layer One is also upgraded: it is now synchronized with all Ethereum (ETH) block numbers and pre-compiled contracts. For better debugging tooling, Arbitrum also added Go Ethereum (Geth) tracing opportunity.

Also, Mr. Goldfeder hinted at more upgrades being in the very making:

And now some alpha: Nitro is amazing, but we've already planted several seeds to make Arbitrum even better.

GetBlock’s Arbitrum nodes: One-stop API for your L2-powered Ethereum dApps

GetBlock is excited to congratulate Arbitrum with this massive release. Since Q1, 2022, GetBlock offers its clients a connection to shared and dedicated nodes of Arbitrum.

Recently, we published a detailed review on how Arbitrum pushes the barriers of Ethereum scalability for Web3 enthusiasts from all over the globe.

As such, our API toolkit is ready to on-board all dApps aimed at building on the most advanced Ethereum’s Layer-Two network of 2022.

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

September 3, 2022

2 min read