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Polygon (MATIC) Launches zkEVM, a New-Gen L2 Scaling Solution for Ethereum (ETH)



July 25, 2022

2 min read

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Polygon Network (MATIC, previously Matic Network) announced the most crucial release of 2022, a solution that natively integrates zk-proofs to scale Ethereum (ETH).

Polygon (MATIC) introduces Ethereum’s L2 platform zkEVM: Why is this special?

According to the official statement by Polygon’s team, its engineers released a pioneering EVM-equivalent zero-knowledge solution for Ethereum (ETH) scaling.

New mechanism, dubbed zkEVM, replaces EVM-compatibility with EVM-equivalence: every smart contract or development tool that is used in Ethereum (ETH) can be seamlessly launched in zkEVM.

Not unlike other mainstream second-layer solutions on zk-proofs, zkEVM bundles a batch of transactions and uses zk-proof to validate all of them on Ethereum (ETH) mainnet. As such, Polygon nodes can on-board Ethereum’s dApps with lower costs and increased throughput.

Polygon’s (MATIC) co-founder Mihailo Bjelic stresses that this release is of a paramount importance for entire Ethereum’s ecosystem:

Besides The Merge, this is the second-biggest event in terms of technology in the ecosystem in general

Polygon’s MATIC price rallied 10% on major announcement

As per Blockworks, a number of DeFi heavyweights including the likes of Uniswap v3 (UNI) non-custodial exchange, are going to deploy their mechanisms to zkEVM.

Following this impressive announcement, the price of MATIC, a core native asset of Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem, jumped from $0,802 to $0,886 in less than 10 hours printing a 10,5 percent surge.

In the last 30 days, Polygon’s MATIC is among the leaders of market recovery: the asset’s price spiked by over 105%.

GetBlock’s Polygon (MATIC) nodes: Pushing the barriers of Ethereum (ETH) scaling together

GetBlock, a top-tier blockchain infrastructure provider, added Polygon (MATIC) APIs in July, 2021. Currently, GetBlock offers resource-efficient, fast and secure connection to shared and dedicated nodes of Polygon (MATIC).

Polygon (MATIC) shared nodes is an entry-level solution for early-stage dApps while MATIC dedicated nodes are highly recommended for lightning-fast scaling of DeFi and NFT protocols.



July 25, 2022

2 min read