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ETH Rollup Solution Arbitrum Expected to Launch Token Soon

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

September 23, 2022

3 min read

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A popular Ethereum rollup layer two solution Arbitrum maintains strong momentum among other leading blockchains, with analysts highlighting the significance of the solution designed to provide top-tier scalability for Ethereum.

What’s more, some believe that Arbitrum could launch its own token in the near term. Besides, OpenSea has recently integrated the chain into its ecosystem and is now a full-fledged partner of the ETH L2 solution.

What could users expect from Arbitrum and how can GetBlock help?

Ethereum rollup solution Arbitrum grows in popularity

Developed by OffChain Labs, Arbitrum is a second-layer scalability solution built on top of Ethereum (ETH). Its main purpose is to “roll up” transactions into data sets, which are smaller in size, and verify transactions by broadcasting rollups to the mainnet.

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Not too long ago Arbitrum went through the Nitro upgrade, which resulted in boosted speed and throughput, additional interoperability, lower costs, etc.

New changes and upgrades have brought heaps of new users to Arbitrum. That is to say, the network has always stated that its biggest goal is to minimize any possible limitations between developers and blockchain technology.

Could Arbitrum launch a token soon?

Arbitrum’s main market competitors, such as Optimism, have already come out with native tokens. However, the rollup solution team did not make any recent announcements regarding the much-anticipated token.

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However, as experts pinpoint, the Arbitrum token could be used to reward users and boost the security of the network even more.

OpenSea adds support for Arbitrum

In addition to token launch speculation, OpenSea announced that the largest NFT marketplace is now offering full support to Arbitrum starting September 21st.

This integration, as many believe, could result in further adoption of web3 technology among users. Besides, Arbitrum has once again proven the platform’s serious approach to its future development.

Run Arbitrum blockchain nodes with GetBlock

Arbitrum’s ecosystem is easily integrated into your businesses with the help of GetBlock - a pioneer blockchain-as-a-service provider for 40+ leading networks.

Shared nodes for Arbitrum, managed by GetBlock, are perfect for early beginners in the web3 industry and blockchain-based startups. With this option, users gain access to peer-shared reliable API endpoints at a fair price.

GetBlock’s dedicated nodes for Arbitrum are often selected by web3 professionals, as this option implies that Arbitrum node infrastructure is designed individually. Besides, users can select server locations, endpoint methods, API interfaces, and so on.


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To integrate Arbitrum nodes into your business, please log in to your GetBlock account and choose our shared or dedicated nodes solution.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer care team.


Arbitrum is an Ethereum-based scaling rollup solution, which could potentially expand into an even bigger platform in the future. Thanks to GetBlock, both crypto newcomers and blockchain pioneers can start utilizing Arbitrum’s ecosystem starting today.

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

September 23, 2022

3 min read