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Cosmos Hub Releases New White Paper, Modifies ATOM Token

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

September 28, 2022

4 min read

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The Cosmos blockchain has recently proposed a new white paper with a major shift towards guaranteeing boosted interchain security and launching a new issuance schedule for the ATOM token alongside several changes in blockchain utility. The upgrade is expected to take place on October 3rd.

The new white paper marks the next phase for the Cosmos Hub

As the Cosmos Hub team pinpoints, the platform’s initial goal of creating Tendermint, IBC, and SDK as well as launching Interchain Security and Liquid Staking technologies for secure scaling is now complete. Therefore, the network is entering its next phase as an “infrastructure service platform”.

According to analysts, with these changes implemented, Cosmos is hoping to put an end to its long-standing identity discovery crisis.

Key takeaways from the Cosmos Hub upgrade

The new Cosmos white paper illustrates vital utility extensions within the chain, including a brand-new issuance schedule for the ATOM token.



The Cosmos Hub strives to offer a greater array of services and expand the capabilities of the ecosystem. As stated by the experts, previously, users could efficiently stake ATOM (the platform utilizes the Proof-of-Stake consensus); however, the Hub, launched in 2019, was not used for much else. As the community has grown, it has also found itself in urgent need of more innovative solutions, in particular when it comes to security and staking.

Interchain security

A crucial element of the upgraded Cosmos Hub, interchain security ensures that each chain in the ecosystem is backed up by validators and guaranteed boosted security. Moreover, throughout the years, the Cosmos Hub has generated wide and diverse validating pools. Thanks to the new upgrade, the chain’s peers will be able to “borrow” validators from the Hub in order to provide better-quality security to other chains.

ATOM token

The white paper highlights the importance of cutting-edge technology-based mechanisms designed to increase the value of the ATOM token - the native token of the Cosmos Hub. ATOM is now responsible for providing superior interchain security and leveraging liquid staking. Staked assets will be locked in a blockchain address, which makes it impossible to sell these tokens for a period of time. Thus, ATOM will gain additional value from regular supply reductions.

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Alex Grace

Alex Grace

September 28, 2022

4 min read