One of the most ambitious Web3 ecosystems sees its crucial asset ATOM surging despite the uncertain market context.

ATOM spikes 11 per cent in 12 hours

Yesterday, on July 15, 2022, the price of ATOM, a native cryptocurrency asset of Cosmos, ‘Internet of blockchains’, jumped more than 10,5% from intraday low.

Cosmos (ATOM) Image by CoinGecko

After bottoming at $8,13, ATOM immediately surged over $9,1. As such, ATOM was among the best performing large-caps of July 15, 2022.

After the upsurge, ATOM price recovery slightly lost its steam; by press time, it was changing hands at $9,13, being 10 per cent up in 24 hours.

The growth might not be over for ATOM as its RSI index remains in the neutral zone with 57.1 points; ATOM still doesn’t look oversold in pairs with USD.

dYdX standalone blockchain, ‘Interchain Security’ update: Cosmos progress on fire

ATOM price spikes as the protocol approaches a crucial update. In September, 2022, the protocol can activate ‘Interchain Security’ upgrade. This upgrade will allow the projects within the Cosmos ecosystem to get the highest level of security in Cosmos protected by its 175+ validators.

This upgrade is set to streamline the process of deployment of decentralized applications (dApps) to Cosmos (ATOM).

Also, it was announced that dYdX, a veteran DeFi protocol, will migrate to its own blockchain from Ethereum (ETH). This blockchain will be integrated into Cosmos nodes ecosystem as a stand-alone chain.

Cosmos blockchain nodes by GetBlock: Decentralized backend for new-gen dApps

Blockchain nodes provider GetBlock offers high-performance Cosmos (ATOM) nodes APIs. Shared and dedicated nodes for Cosmos (ATOM) are ready to on-board all types of decentralized applications.

Both shared and dedicated nodes for Cosmos are available through the REST API method. Free and paid tariffs for GetBlock clients include Cosmos blockchain nodes.