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What is Nansen?

Nansen is the AI-powered blockchain analytics platform that use large amounts of data, such as millions of wallet labels, providing real-time dashboards and alerts for crypto investors to discover and secure opportunities. The platform uses a variety of methods to label wallets, including algorithmic inference. The Nansen tool offers a range of features, including Smart Alerts, Nansen Query, Nansen Research Portal, and Nansen Portfolio, making it a powerful tool for crypto professionals and investors seeking to gain an edge in the market.

Benefits of using Nansen

The Nansen platform users can enjoy the cutting-edge analytics about crypto market, in the form of statistical insights. For example, it tracks transactions between wallets and statistics on what assets are currently the best to invest in. Those who use the Nansen paid version also obtain access to powerful analytics tools that provide accurate market predictions and report about all changes quickly.

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