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What is Hey/Lenster?

Hey ( is a decentralized social media platform that aims to provide users with a more private and secure online experience: it costs $10 to create an NFT account in the network. It operates on the LENS blockchain, which is itself based on Polygon, allowing users to own and control their data and rewarding them with cryptocurrency for participating in the network. By leveraging blockchain technology, the Hey network seeks to create a more transparent and community-driven social media ecosystem.

Benefits of using Hey/Lenster

The Hey project users can enjoy a social networking experience without restrictions or inconveniences of typical centralized social networks. They should pay a little sum of money to register their social account as NFT, and after that they get the full control over their data and messages, which are stored on-chain and no one can access them. The Hey platform is powered by the LENS protocol, developed specifically for social interaction on the basis of the Polygon blockchain.

Pricing start from:

$10 one-time


Frequently Asked Questions

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