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What is Cookie3?

Cookie3 app features a platform with various marketing tools specifically designed for Web3, such as website analytics, targeted ads, and blockchain transactions analysis. Also, Cookie3 analytics extends to other fields, such as X/Twitter advertising, audience analysis, and the trust score system to evaluate the application's reliability. Cookie3 cost starts from $49/month for basic website analytics features and extends up to $599/month for unlimited wallet analytics, filters, audience analysis, and other MarketingFi activities.

Benefits of using Cookie3

While using Cookie3, cryptocurrency protocols can advertise in more cost-optimized manner. Tha application help its customers to reach larger audiences, and speake to new potential clients. Also, leveraging Cookie3 AI-based tools can help developers save resources and target their campaigns in more precious manner.

Pricing start from:



Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How to use the Cookie3 marketing platform

  • Can I link my Ethereum wallet to Cookie3 platform?

  • Is the Cookie3 platform secure?

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