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Last updated on January 1, 1970

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Method /block/notxdetails/{hash}{format} Dash (DASH)
connect with REST protocol



Method not allowed


The block/notxdetails operation gets a block with a particular headerhash from the local block database either as a JSON object or as aserialized block. The JSON object includes TXIDs for transactions withinthe block rather than the complete transactions GET block returns.


hash - path

required, exactly 1

The hash of the header of the block to get, encoded as hex in RPC byte order

format - path

required, exactly 1

Set to .json for decoded block contents in JSON, or .bin or hex for a serialized block in binary or hex


curl --location --request GET '' 
--header 'x-api-key: YOUR-API-KEY' 
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'


    "bits": "19248140",
    "cbTx": {
        "height": 1890110,
        "merkleRootMNList": "87c4a30954e2525568ae7803557d4d2aba1dbeb35936856efb2799866c4ac1f1",
        "merkleRootQuorums": "5123fc79342385bcf8615478ccb269820c5348736d27b5173f13b9d4eb7ce478",
        "version": 2
    "chainlock": true,
    "chainwork": "00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000869540999ee77bd541ee",
    "confirmations": 992,
    "difficulty": 117652802.2856531,
    "hash": "000000000000000f190a64a90e753e02aed731731c863c47b5a1e3e3a3baf44c",
    "height": 1890110,
    "mediantime": 1687182569,
    "merkleroot": "c480d267bfdead2dbdd59f0b5fc82356c2f1ab7a10057c3d41120b0a03161d9b",
    "nTx": 18,
    "nextblockhash": "000000000000000f33ead801755e0b1a579da0d654de641754fc46b880018a0e",
    "nonce": 1995673787,
    "previousblockhash": "000000000000001e964b0851a48447f12a25223a636981807f1935793edb7aa7",
    "size": 19704,
    "time": 1687183171,
    "tx": [
    "version": 536870912,
    "versionHex": "20000000"
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