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Last updated on January 1, 1970

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Method eth_getAssetBalance Avalanche (AVAX)
connect with WS protocol



Method not allowed


In addition to the standard Ethereum APIs, Avalanche offerseth_getAssetBalance to retrieve the balance of first class AvalancheNative Tokens on the C-Chain (excluding AVAX, which must be fetched witheth_getBalance).


address - string

owner of the asset

blk - blkNrOrHash

blk is the block number or hash at which to retrieve the balance

assetID - string

id of the asset for which the balance is requested


wscat -c wss:// 
# wait for connection and send the request body 
{"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"method": "eth_getAssetBalance",
"params": ["0x8723e5773847A4Eb5FeEDabD9320802c5c812F46", "latest", "3RvKBAmQnfYionFXMfW5P8TDZgZiogKbHjM8cjpu16LKAgF5T"],
"id": ""}


    "result": "null",
    "id": "",
    "status_code": 405,
    "message": "Method not allowed"
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