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zkSync, Starknet, Base, Linea RPC Nodes: GetBlock Adds Support for New-Gen L2s

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

October 27, 2023

3 min read

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Blockchain RPC node provider GetBlock starts offering API endpoints to zkSync, Starknet, Linea and Base. With new services airdrop hunters can get maximum benefits even choosing free packages.

GetBlock adds support for zkSync, Starknet, Linea and Base

Starting from October, 2023, GetBlock, a cutting-edge provider of Web3 infrastructure, supports zkSync, Starknet, Linea and Base, next-generation Ethereum L2 scalers.


As GetBlock already supports Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum, releases of Q3-Q4, 2023 make it a go-to second-layer hub for Ethereum dApps.

The networks are available via JSON RPC and WebSockets (WS) interfaces; both mainnet and testnet endpoints can be claimed by customers. New endpoints are included in all free and paid packages for shared and dedicated nodes.

Our CEO Arseniy Voitenko highlights that his platform yet again reaffirmed its commitment to staying at the forefront of Web3 disruption:

By applying a long-term lens to the current status of Ethereum-based L2s, I can say that we’re still very early. GetBlock is set to provide a beacon of stability for Web3 developers interested in building on zkSync, Starknet, Linea and Base. Second-layer solutions sphere is our next bet in GetBlock’s journey

With three new blockchains added, the scope of networks proudly supported by GetBlock, reaches the industry-leading level of 55.

Custom RPC endpoints for ultimate airdrop experience

When it comes to “next big thing” in the red-hot segment of retroactive airdrops, zkSync, Starknet, and Base are named among the most popular blockchains for airdrop farmers. Leading analytical teams also think that the odds are high for networks in question (see DappRadar, CoinGecko, and so on)

However, when (or if) the airdrop happens, the question of reliable RPC nodes will be lethally important for lucky airdrop winners.

During Arbitrum’s ARB airdrop in mid-March, 2023, public RPC nodes of Arbitrum were too overloaded handling requests of tens of thousands airdrop recipients. However, GetBlock’s custom Arbitrum RPC endpoints (integrated into MetaMask wallets) performed well and provided its customers with an unfair advantage.

As such, the latest addition to GetBlock’s family of networks is worth trying not only by developers, but also by the pros of airdrop farming. Besides accessing new blockchains at maximum speed, the customers are invited to join affiliate programs with 20% rewards.

The information provided by GetBlock does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice.

Keep calm and build on L2s with GetBlock!

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

October 27, 2023

3 min read