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zkSync Airdrop Starter Pack: GetBlock Offers zkSync RPC Nodes



June 14, 2024

4 min read

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The highly anticipated ZK token airdrop is approaching. We don’t want to waste time, and thus, offer free private zkSync RPC nodes. Using them, airdrop recipients can connect their wallets and obtain rewards effortlessly, avoiding network congestion and other performance issues.

Free custom zkSync RPCs are ready to claim ZK faster

As there are hundreds of thousands of zkSync airdrop participants, GetBlock, a leading Web3 infrastructure provider, is happy to offer custom zkSync nodes to enhance their claiming experience. These endpoints are designed to provide a seamless and efficient way to claim your ZK tokens, ensuring a smooth process.

When a major blockchain airdrop occurs, traffic and requests sent through RPC nodes skyrocket, leading to performance issues and slowdowns for public wallets and default nodes. In the aftermath, many recipients are eager to claim their rewards and explore options like depositing them on crypto exchanges. However, the initial rush can create congestion and delays, so you can lose precious time and miss profitable deals.

To mitigate these bottlenecks, GetBlock has introduced private zkSync endpoints, isolated from public infrastructure. It ensures dedicated resources and an optimized experience. Therefore, you can bypass these obstacles and claim your ZK tokens with unparalleled speed and efficiency, using the infrastructure allocated specifically for this purpose.

As the excitement builds around the ZK token airdrop, having the right tools is crucial for successful claiming. With GetBlock's private zkSync endpoints, it’s easy to avoid performance issues and get the maximum from the airdrop.

Custom zkSync RPC nodes stay when the public infrastructure is overloaded

Setting up a private zkSync RPC endpoint is a quick three-step process. Once registered, access the account, locate zkSync in the list of supported networks, and claim the URL address of the RPC node.


After that, the address should be integrated into the cryptocurrency wallet to obtain a ZK token on it. Most of them, including MetaMask, proceed with this quickly. MetaMask can be connected to the GetBlock account, ensuring the quick token arrival.

GetBlock CEO Arseniy Voitenko commented on the airdrop, inviting participants to claim their rewards using the free custom zkSync nodes on GetBlock.

After two years in development, the most anticipated retroactive airdrop in crypto history - zkSync - is finally confirmed. Despite the wave of criticism from the zkSync community, we’re always ready to deliver premium-class infrastructure for promising networks. Previously, we offered similar solutions for ARB and STRK distributions, and many crypto enthusiasts managed to outperform their competitors in claiming rewards.

The airdrop is scheduled for June 17, 2024, with over 690,000 wallets eligible for distribution. Mainstream exchanges have already started adding ZK to their pre-market dashboards, indicating hype surrounding this event in the crypto markets.

Previous success stories: STRK and ARB airdrops on GetBlock

It has already been criticized for several obscure approaches used during the ZK token development, such as unclear eligibility criteria, a high share of Sybil accounts, and a long waiting time. Still, many enthusiasts believe in the token, hoping that it’ll be life-changing for the whole industry.

GetBlock, with its 50+ supported chains, already offered custom node services for those waiting for STRK and ARB airdrops earlier in 2023 and 2024. These two largest recent airdrops were highly anticipated, and in both cases, our platform helped enthusiasts obtain their tokens quickly and without congestion.

With MetaMask and Argent wallet integration, airdrops were obtained immediately and then used for development, trading, or other purposes.

Private zkSync RPCs are available for free. For experienced users running large-scale applications, premium-class dedicated nodes can be purchased starting from $600/month. They have unlimited request numbers and speed, being a perfect choice for dApps and services with large traffic.



June 14, 2024

4 min read