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Top NFT Projects on NEAR Network: Review by GetBlock



July 15, 2022

2 min read

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NEAR Network, one of the most promising and scalable blockchains of the Web3 sphere, becomes increasingly popular among NFT-centric applications developers. Its resource-efficiency and high throughput unlock amazing opportunities for novel and existing NFT collections and marketplaces.

NFTs on NEAR Network at a glance: Protocols, users, metrics

NEAR Network is a top-tier programmatic blockchain protocol and a hosting platform for decentralized applications. Non-fungible tokens were among the top priorities of NEAR Protocol’s ecosystem since its launch.

NFT euphoria of 2021 brings new protocols to NEAR Network’s family of dApps. As such, it became a reliable decentralized backend for a clutch of mainstream NFT protocols.

As of July, 2022, NEAR Protocol hosts 34 decentralized applications, DappRadar Web3 tracker says.

Out of this number, 9 (26,4%) belong to ‘Marketplaces’ and ‘Collectibles’ categories. Mintbase, Paras 2.0, and Picipo are the most popular of them.

Top NFT protocols of NEAR ecosystem

NFTs protocols on NEAR are focused on creating immersive digital experiences for pros and newbies.


Mintbase is an infrastructure NFT project; it allows every team to deploy digital collectibles drop or NFT marketplace on NEAR Network.

Paras 2.0

Paras 2.0 is the only NFT project ranked in Top-5 NEAR Protocol’s dApps by net balance. Paras 2.0 is a newbie-friendly NFTs marketplace; not unlike Ethereum-based Mintable or OpenSea, it allows users to buy/sell exclusive cards with fictional heroes.


Picipo is an eccentric multi-blockchain NFT marketplace for the next generation of digital creators. Besides NEAR Network, it works on BNB Chain, Polygon, and Aurora.

GetBlock x NEAR Protocol: Better tooling for dApps deployment

GetBlock, a top-league blockchain nodes provider, is ready to supercharge upcoming NEAR-centric NFT marketplaces. Our stack of shared and dedicated nodes for NEAR is designed to on-board all sorts of dApps with various budgets and use-cases.

GetBlock’s NEAR nodes are available with almost 99% uptime; NEAR dedicated nodes leverage distributed infrastructure of high-end servers worldwide. We can roll out all necessary infrastructure for NEAR dApps deployment in 1-2 days.



July 15, 2022

2 min read