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Top Influencers on Optimism: Crypto Experts to Know About

Deen Newman

Deen Newman

May 4, 2023

7 min read

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When the number of Ethereum users has increased, the blockchain has encountered some scalability issues. As a result, network usage has become more expensive. One way to decrease costs and make the Ethereum blockchain more user-friendly is by using "scaling solutions." Nowadays there are numerous types of solutions designed to accomplish different objectives. The Optimism Network is one of them.

This “low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain” has gathered quite a big audience after its initial launch in 2019. Since the very inception of Optimism, users began to share their experiences utilizing this platform as well as tips, news, and so on. Hence, today we come across users with large followings — we can call them “influencers of Optimism”. So, who are they? Why should you keep up with their posts? Let’s dive in!

Top Optimism (OP) crypto influencers: List

The Optimism (OP), a high-performance L2 solution for Ethereum (ETH) scaling, has managed to build a large and passionate community of its supporters. They follow cryptocurrency influencers to always stay informed about the latest endeavors of their favorite crypto project.

There are top 5 Optimism (OP) crypto influencers:

  1. @kelvinfichter
  2. @CipherSovereign
  3. @protolambda
  4. @chuxin_h
  5. @binji_x

All these accounts share crucial updates on Optimism (OP) ecosystem progress.

What is Optimism (OP)?

“If it works on Ethereum, it works on Optimism at a fraction of the cost” – states the official website of the blockchain. But how does this scaling solution differ from its counterparts? Optimism uses the so-called Optimistic Rollup technology to broadcast bundled - or compressed - transactions, which can drastically speed up the process and lower the cost of ETH payments. From time to time, Optimism checks on a Merkel root of a transaction to make sure that everything is going according to plan.

At the time of writing this article, Optimism is integrated with dozens of DeFi protocols, and the platform’s governance token OP is one of the best-performing assets this year (with a growth of around 200%).

Optimism strives to become a more unified chain of networks, made by users for users. Hence, recently the blockchain released a new platform under the name of The Superchain. The new product is set to maximize interoperability and composability between different chains using the OP Stack.

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Why does the industry need crypto influencers?

The topic of this article is crypto influencers. Given the fact that “ordinary” users become influencers by gaining a huge amount of followers – what makes them so special? First and foremost, their opinions and comments on how this or that blockchain functions typically have a direct effect on the platform’s future roadmap. If a big influencer does not like something, it’d better be corrected. If a big influencer recommends your platform, it’d better be noticed. The same applies to the Optimism Network. If more people are talking about it, more users could potentially join.

Optimism influencers: The voices of the community

Now let’s discuss some of the influencers Optimism Network is promoted by. We recommend you to check out these accounts as they all represent the community of Optimism, both from an expert and daily user points of view.

In no particular order, we begin with…

smartcontracts.eth (@kelvinfichter)


The first influencer on our list is @kelvinfichter. This Optimism developer openly shares his views regarding the OP network as well as the crypto industry in general. As a matter of fact, he does it with a sprinkle of ironic humor. This Twitter influencer communicates with his followers and regularly replies to tweets that interest him.

Mak (@CipherSovereign)


Next up is @CipherSovereign, or what he calls himself — a “strategic storyteller”. Indeed, this Twitter account is filled with quotes and reflections on life (and Optimism, of course). What’s more, the expert regularly participates in AMA sessions, where he spreads the word about Optimism and discusses all things crypto. It’s safe to say that this crypto influencer is an active communicator with his followers as well.

proto.eth (@protolambda)


Following the first two influencers, we are now stopping by @protolambda’s Twitter page. This Ethereum (ETH) veteran is also a representative of the Optimism team. He frequently rants about the issues of the crypto community. For instance, with the recent boom of ChatGPT, proto.eth compares the pros and cons of the new technology in a rather lengthy Twitter thread.

Moreover, by following this page, you will be able to keep up with the latest insightful (and exclusive) information on OP’s current development.

chuxin (@chuxin_h)


The latest data metrics, crypto tips, and blockchain industry updates — if you want this and more, then it’s time to check out @chuxin_h’s Twitter page. Not only is she an expert from the Optimism team, but also a regular crypto event attendee — from webinars to hackathons, you can get your own firsthand experience of the Optimism network.

binji (@binji_x)


Last on our list (but definitely not any less important) is @binji_x. This Twitter page offers the most recent updates on OP, including its recently launched Superchain project. This Optimism supporter also regularly shares his own thoughts and opinions regarding the blockchain and crypto world and then discusses them with his followers.

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Honorable mentions: OP influencers

Let’s not forget the founders of the Optimism network and the platform’s official Twitter channel. These pages are official sources of reliable and accurate information. If you are looking to connect with the influencers Optimism team itself includes, here they are:

Jinglan Wang, Co-Founder & CEO (@jinglejamOP)

Optimism co-founder and CEO Jinglan Wang is a prominent representative of global Ethereum (ETH) and Web3 communities. She shares the strategic announcements and interesting opinions about the future of the industry and Optimism ecosystem in particular.


Kevin Ho, co-founder (@kevinjho_)

Kevin Ho is a co-founder of OP Labs, an entity behind the development of Optimism and its ecosystem. Just like other influencers Optimism network community consists of, he posts meaningful announcements and crucial milestones for global Ethereum (ETH) scene.

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Optimism Foundation Official Account (@optimismFDN)

Then, we need to briefly describe the hierarchy of official accounts of Optimism (OP) network and its developers. First of them, the Optimism Foundation account is designed to post the news regarding the foundation as an entity, its plans and endeavors.


Optimism Governance Official Account (@OptimismGov)

Optimism Governance account reflects the developments and milestones of decentralized governance of OP network, the process of coordination of its community-driven activity and so on.


Optimism Protocol Development Official Page (@OPLabsPBC)

Last but not the least is an account for tech-savvy Optimism enthusiasts that displays the technical progress of the solution, its innovations and experiments in Web3 engineering.


Closing thoughts

A good project is always embraced by its supporters. This is also the case for OP. In a relatively short time, the Optimism network managed to earn the trust of picky crypto users. The role of influencers remains important as they are the ones to form the public’s opinion. Hence, we believe it is essential to show appreciation to those who display their commitment to Optimism on a day-to-day basis.

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Deen Newman

Deen Newman

May 4, 2023

7 min read