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Subscribe to RPC Nodes, Save 50%: GetBlock Migrates to New Payment Model

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

March 19, 2024

4 min read

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Starting from March, 2023, GetBlock starts offering its customers a brand-new pricing model. It comes with a flexible discount scheme and paves the path for a new generation of services at GetBlock.

GetBlock introduces Subscriptions: What to know

Starting from March, 2024, GetBlock introduces Subscriptions aiming at better flexibility and customizability for new and existing customers.

With the Subscriptions model implemented, a customer only can leverage the requests if his or her subscription for 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months is active. Each subscription comes with its own number of requests available ranging from 5 to almost 800 mln requests for unlimited plans.

Should this or that user be out of requests before the deadline of the latest subscription, he or she can purchase extra requests seamlessly. Subscription activation can be paid with credit card; recurring payments with 3-day grace period are available.

Also, GetBlock customers can make one-time payments in crypto via Coinbase.

GetBlock customers don't have to worry any longer about their dApps getting out of requests as recurrent payments allow subscriptions to be prolonged in an automated manner. Unused requests are added to the next subscription period. Statistics of active subscriptions and requests can be checked in the user dashboard.


As a result, customers can make their infrastructure spending more agile and predictable. Also, a brand-new offering with 100 mln requests kicks off with a new Subscription model.

Strategy offer: Grab up to 50% discount for your first GetBlock subscription

To celebrate the inception of the new Subscriptions scheme, GetBlock introduced two time-limited offers. Until Apr.30, 2024, users can get the first “Pay-Per-Requests” subscription with 50% discount or Unlimited subscription (that now has 300 requests per second bandwidth!) with 30% off.

As usual with GetBlock, most attractive pricing comes with longer subscriptions. For instance, three-month subscription is welcomed by 5% discount while 12-month product users enjoy 20% discount.

Commenting on the latest update, GetBlock CEO Arseniy Voitenko highlights that it was developed with users requirements in mind:

There has been talk, and now it’s time for action: the most dramatic upgrade for our pricing model has finally landed as Packages are replaced with Subscriptions. Fresh scheme offers an entirely new level of flexibility for various categories of dApps. Besides “immediate” effects, the March 2024 pricing upgrade paves the way for new services that are on their way to GetBlock’s offering.

To ensure smooth transition, GetBlock offers a three-month Legacy Plan migration roadmap. While all new users and free plan customers will be automatically redirected to Subscriptions dashboard, the legacy users with active requests will be able to use them for three months.

How to secure your first Subscription: Step-by-step guide

Actually, we’ve done our utmost to make the process of migration as seamless as possible. You’re only a few steps away from having things done.

  1. For new users. You’re good to go: your account is already set up with Subscriptions model in mind. Just create tokens, top up your account with crypto and fiat and enjoy your journey in Web3.
  2. For existing users. To continue using our service after the upgrade, you should have 1) active subscription; 2) control the balance of requests for limited plans. Once the subscription expires, you should pay for the new one. If the balance is insufficient, our system tries again in three days before freezing the requests on inactive subscription (you can unlock them after purchasing one, though!). Please, keep in mind that only fiat payments are recurring. If you pay with crypto, you should top up your balance manually.

That’s it! Proceed to GetBlock, grab your discount and enjoy premium RPC nodes on bull run!

Stay tuned for more!

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GetBlock team

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

March 19, 2024

4 min read