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Starknet RPC by GetBlock: Claim Your STRK Airdrop Faster

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

February 16, 2024

4 min read

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Ahead of hotly anticipated Starknet airdrop, GetBlock yet again offers private RPC nodes for unmatched token claim experience. Instead of relying on public nodes (that will be overloaded during general claim), GetBlock customers are invited to book their first class seats.

Starknet’s STRK airdrop promo by GetBlock: Grab your tokens faster

GetBlock, an award-winning RPC node provider, announces a limited campaign for STRK airdrop participants. Every eligible wallet can be supercharged with premium GetBlock’s Starknet RPC endpoint. This add-on will help airdrop participants to avoid network congestion and get their tokens faster.

Typically, on-chain wallets interact with the networks via their default RPC endpoints. For instance, MetaMask connects to Ethereum via Infura’s APIs, and so on. As the majority of distribution participants rely on default solutions, they become too slow thanks to network overload during peak traffic.

In order to avoid congestion, GetBlock offers its customers to fuel their wallets with private Starknet nodes. Technically, users just need to sign up to GetBlock, activate their Starknet RPC endpoints for free, and add these endpoints to on-chain wallets.

The whole procedure takes a couple of minutes: GetBlock doesn’t ask new users for e-mail or credit card details as MetaMask authorization is available.

As announced by Starknet Foundation on Wednesday, Feb.14, the first phase of its airdrop kicks off on Feb.20. 1,8 billion STRK tokens will be distributed between over 1,3 million eligible wallets of early users, contributors, and community activists.

First ARB, then STRK: GetBlock offers RPS solutions for pro airdrop hunters

Starknet is one of the most technically advanced L2 solutions on the top of Ethereum. It is a Validity (zero-knowledge) rollup designed to save the resources of Ethereum mainnet and make transactions more secure and cost-efficient.

A year ago, GetBlock organized a similar campaign for the participants of ARB airdrop by Arbitrum Foundation. Our premium Arbitrum RPC nodes helped hundreds of degens to be one step ahead during the hottest airdrop phase.

Welcoming the Starknet airdrop participants, GetBlock CEO Arseniy Voitenko reaffirms the commitment to supporting the enthusiasts of major Web3 milestone:

I’m really pleased to kickstart the Starknet airdrop promo and offer our premium endpoints for all passionate enthusiasts of next-gen L2 solutions. With its unique specifications, Starknet unlocks a plethora of opportunities for Web3 businesses and their users. In 2023, GetBlock was among the first RPC node providers to add Starknet endpoints and start on-boarding dApps. In a concerted effort to push the barriers of Ethereum-based L2s performance, we will be adding more and more scaling solutions for our customers.

Besides Starknet, GetBlock recently added support for Base, Linea, and zkSync.

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How to add custom RPC to Starknet wallet

The procedure of adding GetBlock RPC endpoints to your Starknet wallet only requires basic expertise in Web3.

  1. Users need to sign in to GetBlock, authorize via either e-mail or MetaMask and proceed to the dashboard.
  1. In the endpoints list, you need to find the Starknet protocol, and choose Mainnet as a type of network and JSON-RPC as an API interface type.

  2. Once a user clicks Get, he or she can operate private GetBlock’s RPC endpoint that looks as follows…

  3. Then, the endpoint should be integrated into Starknet wallet that will be used for STRK tokens claim. For instance, in Argent X, a flagship Starknet wallet, custom RPC endpoints can be added in Settings → Developer settings → Manage Networks.

That’s it: your wallet now interacts with blockchain through a private channel and doesn’t compete for resources with millions of STRK fans.

As a pioneer in blockchain RPC nodes, GetBlock congratulates Starknet Foundation with a major accomplishment on its way to decentralization and secure Ethereum scaling. We’re always here to help on the journey towards fast and cost-efficient dApps.

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

February 16, 2024

4 min read