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Solana Under Pressure: GetBlock Addresses Network Issues



April 5, 2024

3 min read

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The right moment has arrived to address the recent issues with the Solana blockchain that have affected hundreds of dApps and nearly every on-chain account on Solana.

As a long-term Solana infrastructure provider, GetBlock monitors the network status and is doing its utmost to maintain a regular level of services.

Solana Experiences Transaction Issues Amidst Meme Coin Euphoria

In recent days, Solana, one of the largest blockchain networks featuring smart contracts, has been experiencing issues with on-chain transfers. According to some statistics, over 75% of Solana transfers failed last month.


Prominent Solana developer and Helius CEO, Mert Mumtaz, explained that the majority of these "failed" transfers could be attributed to network abuse by sandwich bots.

Furthermore, the Solana ecosystem is undergoing another wave of meme coin euphoria. Hundreds of new meme cryptocurrencies are emerging on Solana, placing significant pressure on its blockchain throughput.

Last but not least, over 400,000 Solana on-chain wallets claimed an airdrop of "W," the hotly anticipated core token of the Wormhole protocol. Following this, some "degen-centric" decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms immediately began offering enormous yield rates on "W" deposits.

Fixes Are in Progress, Say Solana Developers

While Solana itself cannot be blamed for the issues, its developers are diligently working on delivering solutions to alleviate the congestion. Solana’s co-founder, Raj Gokal, shared an update on this process just yesterday:

World class engineering teams are working around the clock to push fixes to improve the experience of submitting transactions on Solana. I am messaging them multiple times a day asking how it’s going, and they tell me this is a very helpful way to contribute to the solution

Additionally, Solana’s leading figure, Anatoly Yakovenko, has admitted that releasing such fixes quickly is “impossible.”

GetBlock Enhances Solana RPC Infrastructure, Advances 24/7 Customer Support

At GetBlock, we have been offering Solana infrastructure since 2020. Thousands of clients access Solana through our RPC endpoints, and we understand that some may be experiencing disappointment currently.

However, we are operating with our regular uptime, suggesting that the situation may not be as severe as it appears. As an infrastructure vendor, we are committed to providing the highest level of service. Therefore, we have decided to implement several measures to address the current issues.

Firstly, we have reallocated our hardware resources to ensure Solana remains accessible for our users across all packages. Additionally, we have modified some internal processes to enhance the responsiveness and efficiency of our customer support operations.

In summary, you can continue to build on our Solana RPC endpoints as usual. Patience is indeed a virtue. We hear your concerns and are doing our utmost, in collaboration with other dApps and services within the Solana ecosystem, to address them effectively.

We stand united with you,

The GetBlock Team



April 5, 2024

3 min read