Second Solana’s (SOL) global conference Breakpoint 2022 is a flagship annual meeting for thousands of decentralization fans, blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and observers.

Solana (SOL) announces Breakpoint 2022, ‘Early Birds’ ticket sale campaign is live

According to the official statement shared by Solana (SOL) representatives in social media, the tickets to the second season of its Breakpoint Conference are now available for the general public.

‘Early Birds’ promo allows visitors to buy ‘Day Pass’ tickets with 10 percent discount, for $900 instead of $1,000. This promo will be live until Aug.4, 2022.

VIP tickets are available for $4,000; every ticket works in all four venues of the conference but VIP tickets allow people to attend closed events. The participants of the conference will be able to speak to the greatest actors in crypto including Solana’s (SOL) Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal.

Solana Breakpoint Hacker House will go live as a special platform for in-person interaction between crypto enthusiasts, developers, entrepreneurs and researchers; the attendees will be able to work on their own Solana-centric projects together with colleagues from various teams.

Solana (SOL) allows attendees to support students and researchers, here’s how

Solana Breakpoint 2022 visitors can also introduce the marvelous world of Solana (SOL) to students and scholars. Every visitor can purchase the ‘Support a Developer or Student’ package for $600.

This initiative is designed to let Solanians support the new generation of Web3 enthusiasts. In turn, researchers and students can apply for the free tickets through the official website of the conference. Solana (SOL) will award special badges to all donors of this community-driven initiative.

GetBlock’s Solana (SOL) nodes: Next phase of Web3 disruption

Solana (SOL) blockchain nodes are among the most popular services from GetBlock’s instruments stack. Since 2021, GetBlock offers connection to Solana (SOL) shared and dedicated nodes.

Solana (SOL) dedicated nodes are available via JSON-RPC and WebSockets (WS) methods. Solana (SOL) shared nodes can be integrated by dApps in free and paid tariffs.