Our friends from Shimbo have been using our high-quality nodes for more than six months now. Since May 20, 2021, they have managed to increase the number of supported cryptocurrencies and increase the capabilities of their exchange service. And we gladly helped Shimbo with this upgrade.

They were working on an ambitious plan to give their customers ultimately secure and reliable service with a wide range of tokens. The main goal of the project was to provide Shimbo’s customers with more options to access additional liquidity.

As a result, Shimbo’s team came up with the idea of offering swaps through the largest exchange services available on the market. From the start, they wanted to use the KuCoin exchange to implement swaps. Thus, it would have taken a lot more blockchain node capacity than they had at the time.

Shimbo’s team diligently examined the market throughout this time and discovered that there were no suitable options that could meet their requirements. They tried to experiment with more cost-effective solutions, but those services didn’t offer the necessary stability. At this point, we made an offer with advantageous conditions for their dedicated nodes.

Recently, Shimbo has updated their service much faster than expected, and we supported them with dedicated nodes on every step. So now, Shimbo’s users may utilize KuCoin to perform swaps and trade using its liquidity and tokens.