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Santa Claus Rally in RPC Nodes: GetBlock Announces 3x RPS Boost

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

December 13, 2023

3 min read

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As Web3 is heating up again after many months of Crypto Winter, a new generation of users is rushing towards DeFis, wallets and all other sorts of dApps.

GetBlock, recognizing this trend, has increased its request per second (RPS) limits to better equip users for the bustling activities of a coming bull market.

Higher speed, same price: Unmatched RPS Boost kicks off

Starting from mid-December, 2023, GetBlock, a premium vendor of RPC nodes for mainstream blockchains, increased its RPS limits on all “Pay Per Requests” and “Unlimited Access” packages on shared nodes. With the new offering, the 60 RPS limit is replaced by 200 RPS which is equal to over 230% boost.

GetBlock decided to push the barriers of RPC nodes’ speed to cater to the requirements of accelerating markets: in the last two months, net DeFi TVL increased by almost 50% surging from $40,9 bln to $58 bln, DeFiLlama data says.

Aggregated cryptocurrency segment market cap jumped by ca 70% from $1,086 trillion to $1,711 trillion. As such, both traffic and transactional activity metrics are rocketing. GetBlock adjusts its RPC limits to prevent dApps from going offline and suffering from degraded performance and transaction delays.

In order to join the RPS Boost campaign, users of free packages should upgrade to paid ones. Instead, their endpoints will keep working with 60 RPS limits.

Setting new standards: GetBlock outshines main competitors

With RPS limits adjusted, GetBlock’s shared nodes packages become more resource-efficient for the majority of dApps. To compare the benefits of medium-level offerings, let’s check out how much it would cost to achieve 200 RPS on your blockchain node endpoint.

RPC node provider Cheapest package with 200 RPS Details
GetBlock $29 5 mln requests, no expiration time
ChainStack $49 Growth package, discount coupons applicable
Moralis $249 Business package (300 CU/s while 1 EVM request might be 1-30 CU worth)
QuickNode $299 6000 API credits per sec, each request equals to 20-70 API credits
ThirdWeb $999 Pro package

As such, in December, 2023, scaling your dApp with GetBlock RPS Boost is a smart bet for growing DeFi, GameFi, wallet or NFTs marketplace.

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Premium infrastructure with bull market in view

Once you are ready to go beyond 200 RPS, GetBlock offers extra boost opportunities that can be claimed in the dashboard. Also, maximum available speed is offered to all customers of dedicated nodes and Enterprise plans.

With advanced features, new and existing clients of your dApps will enjoy smoother user experience and faster transaction speed than ever before.

To ensure maximum security and flexibility, GetBlock is going through the migration from API keys to API tokens. Please upgrade your endpoints in the account dashboard if you have not already done so. The migration period will sunset on Feb.1, 2024.

Bull market is coming, and we’re always here for you.

Don’t miss the opportunities it brings: once we have only dreamed of being where we are now.

Best regards,

Alex Grace

Alex Grace

December 13, 2023

3 min read